Elisa leaned against the wall, her cool, dark eyes scanning the kids flooding out of the school. A tall blonde girl came up beside her.

"You're back!" she cried in delight.

Elisa shook her head, focusing somewhere around the other girl's hairline, like she had always done. "No, Sierra. I'm not. I just came to pick my sister up from her class."

Sierra cocked her head. "Why aren't you coming back?"

Elisa finally looked at her. "Because I'm always just a memory. I'm never going to stay long enough for anyone to catch me. And here there's another reason to leave you." She looked toward a tall, slender boy with light brown hair and gray eyes.

Sierra glanced at her older brother. "Jace? He's your reason? BUt you two always got along..." SHe caught sight of Elisa's expression. "Oh. I see."

"Yes. Always. Maybe when I leave forever you can tell him. I don't want him to know. If he wants me, he'll be the first to catch me, and I don't want to be caught. If he doesn't, my heart will break."

Sierra impulsively hugged the younger girl. Elisa stiffly returned it and then walked away, calling softly over her shoulder, "'Bye."

Elisa went and spoke briefly to Jay. He smiled at her and she nodded curtly in return. After a moment, she hugged him, surprisingly, and then smiled slightly and walked away without a goodbye. Sierra noticed that Jay's eyes lingered on her as she half-ran to get her sister.

Sierra shook her head. They would always be too afraid to fully love each other and they would always be unable to love anyone else.