Chapter Nineteen

When Rebecca asked Jacky how she had managed to tear a ligament in her shoulder overnight, Jacky said she recalled having a nightmare and falling off the couch, hyper-extending her arm. Rebecca had frowned a little, but she took Jacky to the hospital and had surgery to correct the problem, but it meant being in a cast for months.

Over the course of those months, the Guinness Book of World Records stopped by and officially declared their beanstalk to be the largest beanstalk they had even seen on the face of the earth and they were rewarded all sorts of money from sponsors and people who wanted to study the plant, but the city said the plant was a hazard and the local firemen eventually had to remove it in pieces.

By the time Jacky got her cast off, the only thing that had ever remained of the beanstalk was a huge hole in the ground and some rotting roots.

It was on one particular Tuesday, when Jacky was heading to school, that she decided to look at that hole in the ground, and was surprised to find something there. Her heart skipped a beat, but she calmed it when she realized what she was looking at. It was a box, sitting on some sort of folded thing, and on top of the box was a letter.

On the letter, in definite, all caps, was her name. JACKY. Looking both ways, Jacky picked up the entire ensemble and carried it over to her door where she sat down to examine the objects. Each had her name written on it in all caps. JACKY. Obviously they were meant for her. Making sure no one was watching, Jacky tore into the envelope first.

Pulling the letter free, she held it up to her face and read the short paragraph.


You don't remember me at all, but my name is De-Li. You helped me get home once. Thank you again. I hope you got your arm checked out by a doctor. Well, I just wanted to say that I didn't forget the dress I was supposed to give you. I hope you like it. It's a mix between English and Asian style dress. You would call that Eurasian, wouldn't you? I think they're beautiful and stylish. Oh, and in the box is a painting of mine. I painted it recently. I hope you like it. I think its lovely. I'll always be looking over you.

And you wouldn't believe it, but Ruben was royalty, and he scheduled a party for your return. How amazing is that? I hope to see you soon, dearest friend.


Jacky stared at the letter for a long time. She somehow felt like she was reading something from a friend she hadn't seen in a long time. It made her throat close up and her eyes sting. "De-Li," she said, testing the name. It was odd. Was it short for Delilah? How long had she known this De-Li? Was she still out there?

Looking at the hole in the ground, then up at the sky, Jacky sighed. Folding the letter back up, she put it in its envelope, set it aside, then picked up the box. It was a squarish, flat box, and she ripped off the brown packaging tape that sealed it closed. Lifting off the top, Jacky found herself staring at the most beautiful piece of art she had ever seen. Better than Carly's cats, better than Mona Lisa and all that Picasso stuff.

The painting was of a world made of blue puddles and white clouds, of green hills and umbrella trees, so unbelievably beautiful it had to be a fairytale. Most surprising was the image of herself, dressed in some sort of robe, twirling in midair with clouds swishing around her, a pristine smile of joy on her face. "Wow," she breathed, almost unable to take her eyes of the picture of herself. "I love it..."

She put the top back on and set it aside before picking up the last item. She ripped open the box and pulled out a yellow sleeveless dress with purple edgings. There were slits that started at the hip and gave the dress a flap in the front and back, but Jacky was amazed at the beauty of it. It looked as if it had been tailored just for her with just the right colors to match.

Jacky smiled. Whoever this De-Li person was, she liked her already. Looking back toward the sky, Jacky whispered a silent "thanks", put all of her new gifts into her bag, and headed for school, the charm around her neck bouncing in time to the skips of her step.

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