"I now give you the class of 2008!"

Hundreds of parents and children stood up and cheered as they watched Carson High School's senior class of 2008 throw their caps into the air at the high school's football stadium. Sienna, one of the 236 senior students, grabbed her cap as it came back down and started to dart off the stage with everyone else. She caught up with her friends, Paul and April, and pushed them on the back to grab their attention.

"Congrats!" they said at the same time. April grabbed them all into a group hug.

"We've graduated!" she squealed. All three of them were high on the excitement echoing throughout the crowd of students and family. "Just wait until college."

"For you guys!" Sienna piped up, "I'm going to disappear for a year!"

"To Spain?" Paul gave Sienna a mock punch on the shoulder. "I guess you don't love us enough."

"You guys know that I'm going to miss you." Sienna hugged them tighter as they clashed with the audience of the graduation ceremony. "I just want to see the world before I start my life in the 'real world'."

"Sure," Paul and April exclaimed as they pushed through the throng of their peers. Sienna looked up after their sarcastic remark in fake annoyance. Her eyes quickly caught on a dark figure standing next to the sound booth located at the top of the bleachers. The figure looked like a person, but it was not part of the crowd celebrating on the field.

"Hello seniors!" a voice called in a malicious humor from the sound booth. Everyone looked up (no one was supposed to be in the sound booth at that time). "We would like to personally congratulate one of you tonight for being soo wonderful over the past few years by giving them a lift out their life for awhile."

Sienna then understood why that figure was next to the sound booth earlier. Four dark figures came from all sides of the football stadium gliding down toward the crowd of people on ropes. The students and their families all rushed to the side as the figures came down toward them. Only Sienna stood frozen as her mind took in the whole scene.

It was too late for her to run when all of her thoughts came together. One of the dark figures grabbed her and launched themself back to the top of the stadium. Sienna tried to scream, but a hand covered her mouth. Her friends had already fleed from the scene.

"You'll be okay," a voice whispered in her ear. "Now sleep."

"Thank you and good night!" the voice from the sound booth cried.

Sienna watched the scene of mayhem before her and turned to see the face of her captor. She only saw a bit of black hair from underneath the mask before she passed out.