Bodyguards and Purple Hair

She had a purple streak of hair.

Under all her dark and light brown half-wavy, half-straight hair, was a streak of bright purple.

Ashe Martin sat at a crowded table in the "thunder dome", more commonly known as the lunch room at Burton Prepatory, idly fingering his soggy French fries, absorbed in the girl he was staring at across the vast lunch area. For the past 40 minutes, he had been fascinated by this specimen of the female species. Ashe knew that she was popular. She was surrounded by friends, and was always laughing. But she was different.

When she laughed, it was real.

It wasn't because she was trying to be popular. It was because she actually liked her friends. Who just happened to be popular too.

And she had a purple streak of hair.

It was kind of sad, he reflected to himself, how he enjoyed watching her so much. It's not like he wasn't good looking, or popular himself. With his wavy blond hair, stunning blue eyes, and lean but muscled physique, Ashe knew that he was the stereotypical Prince Charming. He could use that to make friends, or get girls.

But he just couldn't make himself care enough.

But that didn't matter as the bell rang, as everyone in the lunch room started to get up and throw their garbage out. Ashe walked to the garbage can easily, his mind absorbed with the mystery girl, not at all noticing the appraising looks he was eliciting from the girls, and the slightly territorial looks he was receiving from the guys.

But that didn't matter either as Ashe concentrated on getting out of the horde of hormonal teenagers. Ashe had learned quickly enough that if he wanted to get out of the cafeteria fast enough to go to his locker and get to class on time, he had to push his way out. After knocking a few people out of the way with a forced plastered smile on his face, and a fake "sorry" handy, Ashe could almost see the light of the hallway. One more push, and he would be out.

"Ahhh!" Ashe turned when he turned a sharp intake of breath. A brunette was bending down half way and clutching her right foot, which Ashe presumed he stepped on. A nasty looking purplish bruise was spreading on her foot, and her lips were closed together tight in pain. A tall black haired guy came up in front of her defensively and looked at Ash angrily.

"What do you think you're doing? Watch where you're going buddy." He snarled, a vicious look on his face. A bronze hand appeared on his forearm, and squeezed gently.

"Chill Damien. I'm sure he didn't mean to do it on purpose." She said soothingly, nodding reassuringly. "Right?" she turned to face Ashe. He realized with a jolt that it was mystery girl.

"Yeah. I'm sorry. Is your foot okay?" Ashe asked nervously. He didn't want to make a bad impression. Soft laughter like wind chimes escaped from her pink lips and she leaned her head onto Damien's shoulder to support herself.

"I'm good, thanks. It'll be a bruise, but I'm always hurting myself. I'm a klutz. Damien knows that." She smiled once more at Ashe and then looked up at Damien, who was still looking a little protective. "Damien! It's fine. Relax." Finally, he loosened his tense posture and threw an arm around her shoulders, into which she relaxed naturally. She rolled her eyes playfully at Ashe and then socked Damien lightly on the arm.

"Damien thinks he's my body guard or something. He never lets me do anything." Damien opened his mouth to protest, but was silenced sheepishly by the look mystery girl gave him. "Yeah. I think I should pay him or something. It must get tiring, saving me from cute guys who step on my feet by accident." She smiled again at Ashe, but it was a big, friendly smile. She stuck out a hand. "I'm Nisha, by the way. You're the new transfer from Berkley Heights, right?" Ashe grabbed it a shook it once.

"Ashe Martin at your service." He grinned easily, finding himself oddly comfortable with the pair, ignoring the suspicious looks Damien was shooting him. After a moment of awkward silence, Nisha jabbed Damien in the side.

"God Nisha!" he yelped, jumping back. "That hurt!" Nisha smiled sweetly and tilted her head to the side innocently. "Fine." He grumbled discontentedly. He stuck out a hand as well, though much more unwilling than his companion. "Damien Rose." Nisha rolled her eyes again after the boy's brief handshake.

"Guys are idiots." Both Damien and Ashe turned to look at her in surprise. Nisha however, stood there with a brazen smile on her face. "What?" she asked innocently, shrugging. "It's not that big of a deal. Stop acting like a big mean gangster Damien. And Ashe, Damien is harmless. He's a big softie. No need to be scared." Damien finally cracked a smile.

"That was the best you could come up with? A big mean gangster?" he smirked, obviously in a better mood now. Nisha poked him affectionately in his side.

"Yup. Deal with it." Nisha turned back to Ashe, who was squirming a bit and trying to find a way to escape this awkward situation. She smiled knowingly.

"Looking for escape routes?" Nisha waited a moment while Ashe flushed red. "To your left. And I'm sorry if my best friend scares you. You know-" she said, leaning in confidentially. "He kind of scares me too." With another gorgeous smile and a step back, she waved casually with three fingers. "See you around Ashe. Oh-" he watched as she turned around to face him once again. "I love your name, by the way." Ashe stood there standing, watching as Damien and Nisha walked back to the main building together, still draped around each other and bickering amicably. She poked him in the side once again, and this time, he picked her up and swung her around in the air while she shrieked and hit him, screaming for him to put her down. Everyone around them turned to watch and smiled.

They were perfect together. And everyone knew it.

Ashe walked back to the main building with a sinking heart. Sure, she said they were best friends, but there was no way that would be the extent of their relationship. With his jet black hair, 5'9 height, and muscled physique, he was the perfect counterpart to her 5'3, brown hair, and petite frame. And her eyes. They were so perfectly complemented with his green ones. They were a light cinnamon brown with golden flecks around the rims. She was gorgeous. And she was taken.

Ashe shook his head remorsefully to himself. What a great way to start his first day at a new school.

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