I just recently put Irys on hiatus, and have no decided to put In Bloom on indefinite hiatus too. The story just isn't working for me, and it definitely needs some major revisions. I have some extreme writers block right now, and coupled with a ton of drama in my life, I really can't commit to writing a full length story. So in a few weeks, I am planning to take In Bloom off fictionpress.

My style has developed a lot since I started writing In Bloom, and I've grown in a lot of different ways. I've recently put up a new poem and one-shot, which I think adequately show my writing skill. All my previous one-shots and poems don't show who I really am with my writing, and I don't like that. I may come back and try to re-write it one day, but I can't foresee that happening in the near future.

I really want to thank you all for all your kind reviews and support. Reading all those reviews definitely made my day. Thank you. :)