1) Kel: Fire makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. And sometimes on the outside too.

2) Baiqiao: I like walking. Walking is fun. Let's sit down.

3) -talking about the rockets in tech ed-
Kelsey: It looks like a giant tampon!

4) Annelise: I think Mr. Madsen is going to be a peapod in his next life.

5) -during math-
Michele: It's a flip flop day!
Kel: It's a floof cloud day?

6) -during band-
Kelsey: -pokes Kel's stomach with her flute-
Kel: AH! Don't kill the babies!

7) DJ: Eat oranges. I dare you.

8) Marcie: You did what with who for how many cookies?

9) Joanne: I was reading this fanfiction, and it was really good, and then it got all...end-y...

10) Emma: What are you going to be when you grow up? ...Assuming you grow up?


12) Kerry: Jonathan, you strapping young lad!!

13) Kel: I'm a carnivorous duck!! Quaaaaaack!

14) Mr. Anderson: As we get to know each other better, I have become more of a jerk.
Mark: So really your jerkiness is a way of saying we're friends?

15) Mr. Anderson: We need to achieve this inner cir-- (points at inner circle of circle graph, Mark has written 'Donut Hole')
Mr. Anderson: --cle...?!

16) Joanne: I seem to be rotflmaoing a lot.

17) Laura: The parents eat their children.
Kel: You would.
Laura: I don't have any children. Now you...
Kel: -glare-
Laura: ...Don't either…?

18) -during a 'battle of the sexes' rocket launch in tech ed-
Emily: Girls! Distract the guys!
Mark: There's only one thing that can distract a guy.
Kel: -whispers- Kelsey! Flash them!

19) Kelsey: CLEAVAGE!
Keetan: -turns and looks at her-

20) -completely out of the blue-
Neeraj: RACIST!!

21) Bryan: If the white stuff isn't appearing, you're not rubbing hard enough.

22) Neeraj: You remind me of this one Indian girl. Short hair, very dipolmatic. She dated a ton of guys and I swear they all turned gay.

23) Mrs. Andersen: I'll bet that there is not one cornfield within 100 miles of where I'm moving to in Nebraska.
Neil: But what about the rest of it? You could spit and the spit would land on corn!
Jenny: -confused- Why would you spit on corn...?

24) Maria: Does he sit in the corner with a douche hat?
Laura: -laughing- You mean "dunce" hat?

25) Kel: I learned how to swear by listening to Avril Lavigne.

26) Maddie: I want a pet starfish!
Eric: Living or dead?

27) Laura: Nous sommes les champignons, mes amis!
(In English: "We are the mushrooms, my friends." She meant to say "champions.")

28) Mademoiselle Barbera: Pronounce the first s in "ils sont" and lightning will strike you.

29) Kel: If the south pole is in Antartica-- wait, is the south pole in Antartica?
Waldo: You're fucking kidding me, right?

30) Kel: Oh my god! You actually sat up in band today!
Waldo: I know, it was humiliating.

Ahh, we are the weird indeed.