A/N: A recent English lesson forced me to remember an event in my past, one that involves my mum but that affected my entire family. I had never actually forgotten it of course but I have never talked about it or written about it. I am now.

There will be a few chapters... I'm not really sure how this is gonna work out, I think I may just write what happened and then how I am feeling currently. You don't have to read it, I just need to vent really as I don't have anyone to talk to about all this.

Lastly, I just want to make one thing clear. I love my mum and my family to bits, but sometimes things have to be said to stop you from losing your mind.

I want so much to tell you what is wrong. I want to state your faults, elevate your imperfections so that they are in public view but my conscience doesn't allow it. I know I have to be the strong one, the understanding one, otherwise no one will be.

Why do I always have to be your rock? I am the youngest. You always told me to enjoy my youth, to live life day by day… so why don't you let me? Must we dwell continuously on the past?

Your life has been hard, I know this as I hear about it often enough but you are here now. You are alive! So please let the past be forgotten and live like you tell me to live.

You force me to reminisce...

A/N: Ok so this is just an introduction type thing. It's written as if I am talking to my mum. More will come later. If you wish to know more about my past then add this to your alert list, if it doesn't interest you then don't bother.