"Wait. I pay for the tickets, the popcorn and nachos, the drinks. And those two are off snorting coke in the bathroom?"

They had gone out for a movie. It was going fine, at first. She hadn't minded when Jason suggested his friends Kevin and Derek tag along. It started going downhill immediately after he hung up his cell from calling them. They were ten minutes late. Not only that, but apparently both young men forgot their wallets at home. She had already offered to pay for Jason's ticket, so he hadn't brought his wallet either.

Her new manicure chipped as she dug her nails into her sticky plastic armrests.

"Shh, Jay."

She shot her brother a Look, which he missed since he was busy looking around furtively. He should have saved his furtiveness. The entire auditorium was staring at them, or, more importantly, at her. Maybe she had made the announcement a bit too loudly during a lull in the pirates' fencing.

Minus the manicure or the carefully plucked eyebrows with a delicate arch, they looked enough alike. Black hair, caramel skin, cherubic cheeks, button noses, and pouty lips. Standing, they would be the same height. Both slender. Their hair cuts were even the same, which was totally on accident. Jay had been going for Rihanna's pixie cut with the long side-swept bangs. Jason was just emo and refused to give up his fringe. They even dressed alike – also an accident – in high-top Reeboks, skinny jeans, and tee shirts with band label prints: Jay liked how The Killers tee looked, while Jason was an honest die-hard Manic Compression fan.

Snarling, Jay asked, "They were already high on pot when they got here, weren't they?" She had been startled that those two could eat two large tubs of popcorn by themselves, and in sheer awe as they went back for refills and returned with nachos as well, which they polished off without so much as even offering her a crumb of the food her money paid for. Jason hadn't seemed disturbed. She was way past disturbed.

Jay was fucking pissed. And it took a lot to piss off the usually mellow fad queen.

"Well, yeah. Duh. But Jay—"

"That is so it!"

She stood up, ignoring Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom vying for her attention on the big screen. They would have to wait until DVD for her mindless obsessing over them. Right now she had business, and she wasn't loser enough to come see this movie all over again with her friends who had already seen it. She picked her way past other movie spectators, who grumbled unpleasantly but quieted when she shot them Looks.

Jason remained in his seat, sinking lower until his sister passed out of the auditorium.

Though it kind of hurt that he wasn't going to back her up on this one, Jay continued to the restrooms. She barged into the men's room, announcing belatedly, "If there's anything you don't want me to see, I suggest you put it away quick and get out."

She squinted an eye to check that the coast was clear. Three men of varying ages stared back at her, none of them whom she was looking for. Her natural tan flushing darker, Jay whispered an apology and quickly bowed out. She headed to one of the three other restrooms in the entire theatre. She got it on the third try, where two guys were sitting on the floor, supporting each other as they giggled. One was White, with a buzz-cut and a supermodel face. The other was Asian but no less handsome. She hated that they looked better in makeup than she did, their eyes done in heavy black liner. The Asian's lips glowed with gloss, which would be frosting-flavored, Jay knew from Jason telling her; and she hadn't asked how he figured it out.

God. They were higher than clouds.

"Jay-Jay!" The Asian announced. "Want some?" He held up a blue pixie-stick. "You know you do," he added, and then proceeded to stick his tongue way out and ejaculate the pixie-stick into his mouth while eyeing her seductively. The hidden jibe was intended. They both knew she was a virgin who had gone no further than first kisses.

"You're sick, Kevin," Jay hissed, closing and locking the door behind her. It wasn't until they heard the lock click that both young men exchanged questioning looks, both dreamy expressions becoming wary as Jay glided toward them. "But what's sicker is what you two have been doing in here," she said, still approaching slowly.

When she was close enough, she stopped. She looked from one to the other.

And then she kicked the white boy in the face.

"This is for the tickets," she snapped, and then twisted around to poke Kevin in his almond eyes. "That is for the popcorn and nachos." She dropped her elbow into his skull, and then spun and just as quickly kicked the groaning Derek in the stomach. She turned once more, delivering Kevin's abdomen an identical blow. She waited until they were both curled on their sides in the fetal position, before panting out, "And that's for… the refills, the drinks, and ruining… quality time with my brother."

Derek, though he probably bore the worst of the damage, sat up first. His round, liquid hazel eyes squinted up at her.

"We could fucking kick your ass to heaven and back," he spat. His spit came out crimson against the white tile. They both looked at it with some surprise.

"You're too high to even stand upright on your own," Jay pointed out coolly, and quickly wiped a hand across her tearing eyes. If they weren't so obviously close to levitating, she wouldn't have risked fighting either of them. She was pretty sure they worked out, and Jay herself had been neglecting her daily trips to the track. She narrowed her gaze on Derek. "I hate you two. You didn't graduate, neither of you has a job—"

"Um," Kevin interrupted, groaning as he sat back up and raised his hand.

Jay shot him a withering look. "Being a bus boy when you're twenty years olddoesn't count," she snarled, and continued as if he hadn't spoken by pointing her finger in Derek's face. "You drink too much, and you," she added, moving her finger in front of Kevin's gaze, "are the one supplying everyone else with illegal drugs."

"They're prescription, actually, Reyes."

"Since when is cocaine legal or used as medication in the United States, Teyvada?"

Both injured guys looked suspicious. "How'd you know what we were playing with?" Kevin asked.

"Oh, please. First you guys pig out on my hard-earned dollars. Then you guys are lying on the floor in here with your mouths moving quicker than birds poop. I have to get out of here," Jay finished in a murmur, turning on her heel for the door. "Just looking at you two makes me want to vomit."

She got as far as the door itself and was reaching for the lock, touching it, turning it, as a pale hand closed around her wrist. His fingers were so long it seemed like he should have been able to wrap them around it twice. Then he yanked her arm up, spinning her as if they were stars in a morbid ballet; and abruptly Jay found her back pinned to the door with Derek's handsome face directly before hers. His broad shoulders stooped and his elegant neck bent almost in two so they could be on eye-level, since he was half a head taller than her.

"What about you, bitch?" he purred, blood-stained lips stretched wide in a drunken grin. "We don't even get to say anything? What about how youmake us sick." His grip tightened on her wrist, and she thought he was going to break it just to teach her a lesson – until she noticed his lithe figure swaying in place. He was only trying to remain standing.

Jay slid her free hand up his arm, trickling her fingers under his chin. Gross. When was the last time he washed his face or picked up a razor, aside from probably cutting himself? She hated how he was still good-looking, even when unhygienic.

"Oh? And how do I make you sick, Stetson?"

His smile became even more twisted as he lowered his volume, whispering in spite of how his voice would echo across the restroom tile no matter what. "I grew up with Jason. You think he didn't tell me your dirty little secret?"

Straightening her back, Jay dropped her hand from flirting with his stubble and tried to pry her other hand from his Venus Fly-trap of a grip. She spat, "He wouldn't tell you."

"You sure, bitch?"

She was saved from answering as the door burst open behind her. Both of them fell, one on top of the other. Jay blinked in surprise down at Derek, who blinked back. She recovered immediately and scowled, wishing he would have hit his pretty little head and broken his skull open on the faux marble-tiled floor. Rolling off of him, Jay got to her feet and swept past the gawking group of men who had entered the restroom.

Jason was waiting by the refreshments counter. He was watching the wrong restroom and didn't see his sister approach from the opposite wing of the theatre. When she was close enough, she grabbed his hand, making him yelp, and began dragging him toward the exit.

"Wait, Jay. Where's—"

"They're breathing, which is better than they deserve. Let's go. You drive," she added, tossing her keys to her brother as they stopped on either side of the black Pontiac Grand Prix.

Looking between his sister and the keys caught in his palm, Jason hesitated. Jay tapped her foot impatiently outside of the passenger's front side door. She glared at him.


He didn't need further coaxing. After sending a last forlorn look at the theatre over his shoulder, Jason unlocked the door and slid into the car, hitting the automatic locks to let Jay in. He started the car as she buckled in.

Once they were driving smoothly down the main street toward home, having given her sufficient time to cool, Jason quietly asked, "So what went down?"

Jay didn't answer. Instead she reached forward to flick on the radio. The Rolling Stones flooded her car. She flinched and spun the tuning dial until a classical music station that was currently playing a strings piece erupted from the speakers. It was Jason's turn to flinch. He reached for the volume, turning it down.

"You only listen to classical when you're pissed. What happened, Jay? Let's talk about it."

"I kicked Derek in the face and poked Kevin's eyes. Then I knocked the wind out of them and told them they make me sick. End of story. Cue credits. Speaking of which," Jay said suddenly, fully pivoting her upper body to give her brother her full attention. "How did the movie end? The girls will be rubbing it in my face tomorrow if I don't know."

Jason pushed his jaw up from gaping, and then snapped, "Hold up. You did what?"

She fluttered an uncaring hand. "Don't make me repeat myself, Jase. I told you, so now you tell me."

"Fuck that. What the hell did you do to my friends?"

Her nose wrinkled. "Don't curse. I told you, they had it coming."

They drove in silence for a while. Jason angrily drummed his fingers along the steering wheel while his sister pretended not to notice. She had repositioned her body forward again and directed her attention out the passenger's side window. Eventually the Grand Prix turned down a residential road. Several blocks later, it parked alongside the curb of a driveway where two other cars had already taken up residence outside the white vinyl-sided, two-floor house. Neither of the twins so much as twitched to get out.

"You're not going to apologize?" Jason asked at length.

"Did you tell Stetson?"

Jason looked at her, bushy black eyebrows rising to hide among his beloved fringe. Jay was still carefully studying her reflection in the window, but unbeknown to him was studying her brother's as well.

"Tell Derek what?" he asked, looking honestly blank.

Jay waited a beat, before dismissing it. Like she would ever believe that bald, lanky moron. She and Jason were twins. The closest of the close. Jason would never betray her.

"Never mind," she mumbled, reaching for the door handle. "He was just messing with my head."