"So where to from here?" Creston asked nonchalantly, arms placed behind his head as his grey eyes studied the bright blue sky.

Three figures were sprawled on their backs on the luscious green grass. This was most likely going to mark the final day of their summer holidays together for the year. College was approaching fast and already their many friends from Ocean High had moved onto the next stage of their lives.

Essa was the first to reply, her green-blue gaze never leaving the lone cloud up above. She had been thinking a lot about the future and what would happen between her, Creston and Chris. Would they survive the time apart for college? And when they did meet up again would it be awkward between them? It was a little daunting to know that they were either all going to go their separate ways, or remain together to conquer college as one.

"I'll be doing my art degree," she replied.

The husky voice of Chris' broke the silent atmosphere. "Engineering for me," he stated.

Both Essa and Chris waited for Creston's answer.


An awkward peace engulfed the three.

Essa felt uneasy because she knew that Creston was only doing business due to his father's expectations. She had met Creston's family a few weeks ago and had seen the bright hope burning in Mr. Spencer's eyes whenever he spoke of his company and Creston's future position there.

"What about your soccer scholarship?" Chris queried, shifting his head to a side to face his best mate. "I thought you had planned on taking that,"

Creston stared out blankly at the sky. He had never felt passionate about anything in his life besides soccer, his family and friends. He wasn't particularly great at English or even in Science. However he was good at number-crunching as well as business – after all they both went together hand in hand. His economic skills had been greatly influenced by his father who was running his own company, and Creston knew that one day he'd be taking over his father's place.

Though he had had many arguments over his future with his father in regards to working for the company, Creston knew there was no escaping that future. Well there was, however he'd have to wait until his younger step-brother, James Spencer, was old enough.

Breaking out of his little daze, he smiled tightly. "Business is what's destined for me," he breathed. "Besides, mathematics isn't tedious. It's so easy I can do it with my eyes closed,"

Nobody had doubted his statement. Both Essa and Chris had witnessed Creston's ability to do complicated mathematics in his head. He was literally a walking, talking calculator.

"I guess college won't be me and you guys anymore." Essa voiced ruefully.

Chris twisted his head back to face the ocean of blue up above. He hadn't planned on telling Essa or Creston yet, however he thought now was a pretty good time. Clearing his throat, he smiled when he saw them both shift to stare at him.

"Actually..." He began and didn't have to continue when Creston interrupted.

"You got into Essa's college for engineering." Creston finished for Chris.

Essa sat up at her boyfriend's words, only able to stare wide-eyed at the blonde figure. They had all applied for different courses to different colleges, but never did she dream of having somebody like Chris go to the same college with her! She knew that Creston had already accepted an offer, but he never told her where exactly he was going.

Grinning a rugged grin, Chris' cerulean eyes shone brightly in reply. "I guess the three of us can't be separated," he remarked.

Perking up at Chris' mention of 'three' Essa thought she was having problems with her hearing as she turned her eyes to Creston to find him staring at her sheepishly. The expression on his strong features had confirmed Chris' words to be true.

"Three?" She repeated with emphasis even though she knew that she had heard correctly.

Finally moving into a better position to see his two best friends properly, Chris knew he had just surrendered vital information to Essa who hadn't been aware of Creston's acceptance in business at her college.

It seemed almost too good to be true...

"My campus is another hour away though," Creston explained. "So technically we aren't really together-together," he informed in a matter-of-fact manner.

Bewildered, Essa flung herself onto the still lying form of Creston. She was satisfied with the grunt that escaped his lips as the air whooshed out of his lungs.

Throughout this, Chris was only capable of observing with bright eyes.

"You are a total jerk!" She half shouted with feeling. "And here I was brooding for the past few weeks that we're all going to be separated!!"

By now she was hitting Creston squarely in the chest as he shielded himself with his arms. With her hands on her hips, she shifted to face her childhood friend – a threatening gaze etched in her eyes.

"What are you waiting for?" She asked in an incredulous tone.

Chris could only arch a brow in reply.

Seconds elapsed before her shrill tone pierced the air.

"Stack on!!!!"

At her statement Chris reacted instinctively as he leaped from his position. Standing with his arms on his hips he grinned evilly at the rather horrified but amused expression on Creston's face. Squashing both Essa and his best mate with his weight, boisterous laughter filled the park where the Ocean High soccer team used to practice on.

- The End -

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