We're overheated and underdressed

And our dignity is laying in the foyer with our clothes

As we stumble half-drunk with your hand on my chest

And my head meets the pillow and your face caught my eye

And your soft and your sweet just like himAnd all just too hard and too fast and I cry

As I open my mouth and his name from my lips

And I know I mean stop but

The drunken translation says 'Go' and your nails in my hips

And your mouth on my throat

and our chests meet

our hearts beat

But never in time

To the rhythm you've made

And his face in my mind and your breath mixed mine

Makes this fog in my mind and I can't seem to think

And it's over so fast and the sun starts to shine

Through the half shut shades and the light hits your hair

As you're stumbling out of the bedroom I swear

That these tears in my eyes are for him

Cause this scent in the pillow, this face is my mind,

The look I remember, the touches so kind

And so gently, so sweet and so soft and I'm sick with this feeling

I can't call mine, no more can I claim

That face and that body

My skin crawls with disgust

And I'm sorry this mistake it just was too much

But there's no looking back, no rewind and no pause

All I've got is this mess on the floor,

In the bed,

In my head.