Chapter 5: Girls don't Fall in Love that Easily

The line to get food in the cafeteria was quite long. The amount of noise and people present was suffocating. But it had its pros, because with all this noise, no one would be able to hear my stomach grumble.

It's been five whole minutes and I could feel myself moving backwards in line. Maybe the reason behind it was the conceited Jayden who cut in front of me in line. I had just begun to see him under a new light. Well, now that light had dimmed down—no, actually, the bulb that supplied his artificial light had burned out completely.

"Way to cut through the line, jerk and a half." I slammed my palm into his back. He flinched and turned around to discover that I stood behind him.

"Jerk this, jerk that, it's considered word abuse if you say it all the time."

"Sorry, no other word describes you better." I tilted my head and crossed my arms.

"Excuses," he scoffed, "So got anything for round five? We gotta break this tie."

"Nothing comes to mind." I shrugged.

"What, my romantic note in your locker left you too mesmerized to think?"

"You wish. Girls don't sway so easily."

"Why don't we make that round five," his ego was rising, "let's see if I can get you feeling head over heals by the end of this week."

"For your information, my head is already over my heals. You'd have to do better than cliché lines to impress me."

"Hmph. Girls can't resist my charm. You're not going to an exception." He turned around and went back to conversing with his friends.

"What was that?" Mandy questioned as she snuck up behind me, landing her chin on my shoulder. I flinched a little.

"What was what?"

"You and Jayden. You guys have been so close recently." A teasing smile was playing on her face.

"Just some friendly competition going on."

"You seem like you're enjoying yourself a little too much."

"Who doesn't like the taste of victory?"

"Sure, you keep telling yourself that." A mischievous smile appeared on her face.

What did she mean? I was definitely not enjoying Jayden McAllister's company. And there's no way that I'd succumb to his so-called charms. This round was mine.

For the remainder of the week, Jayden put on a façade of appeal and charisma. He'd opened doors for me, he'd drop me random compliments, and he'd always beam a sweet smile at me in the halls. In my opinion, it's all too repulsive. I'd rather have him go back to his old stuck-up, obnoxious self.

It was Friday afternoon, and I was more than confident that I'd be winning this round. Just two more minutes and school would be over. Just two more minutes until I can rub my victory in Jayden's face.

The bell rung, almost like it was declaring my victory.

I paraded into the halls in search of my prize—Jayden's losing face. Why was this so difficult?

And then I tripped. I never trip. What kind of high school drama has my life become? The worst part of all this had to be my saviour, my knight in shining armour—the guy I landed on. Yeah, it just had to be Jayden McAllister.

"You okay?" he whispered in my ear.

I quickly tore myself away from him, as if he had a horribly contagious disease.

"Why do you stand in places where I fall?"

Actually, a better question would be, why did I ask such a stupid question?

"Why do you fall where I stand?"

"This is getting no where."

"So," he pulled closer, "your heart beating any faster?"

"Of course it is. I fell."

"Fell for me?" he leaned closer with that stupid conceited smile of his growing wider and wider.

"Fell… on the ground." I gave my best I-win smile.

"How boring." he shoved by me, sounding disgruntled.

"Aw, don't be such a sore loser." I yelled towards him as he departed.

I was expecting some sort of arrogant reply, but there was no reply at all. Losing couldn't hurt that bad, could it?