Hi people, this is just a dream that I had once so I thought I'd put it up on Fictionpress as a short story. Hope you like it. R&R please. Story written by Narq.

Truth and Innocence

I pushed my way through, joining the crowd of spectators. Sadness filled my heart, as I saw what was happening.

A man and a dog were in the middle of the crowd. The man was whipping the dog; blow after blow, the whip whizzed through the air and fell upon the animal. Each hit was without mercy. After several minutes, the man swapped his whip to a club. Blood sprayed everywhere. The crowd stepped back – every one was watching, but no one offered any help. The dog did not give up. His life was his own, his spirit free, and none could make him their own. The dog was strong, but his life and strength were ebbing away from him.

Don't…My hand flew to my mouth but there was no sound. How could I? The man was clearly out of his mind; it would be dangerous to step in. It's only a dog…

A wee girl came out of nowhere and begged the man to stop. The man did – but clearly out of surprise. The intensity of silence was painful. I wondered briefly if the man would direct his anger to the child rather than the dog. Another voice buzzed in my ear. Why is it that a four or five year old can do the obvious while all you grown ups stand and do nothing? Shame stirred quietly in my guts.

"Bad girl, come, come here." A young man and woman snatched the child from harm's way. She burst into tears. The dog growled quietly. "It's dangerous…"

The couple's chiding was overrode by the loud wailing of their little girl. "He hurt doggie!" Some people started to look embarrassed. The crowd became thinner. "Why no one help doggie?"

Why does no one help? I watched the couple try to stop their child crying but with no result so they took her away. Her wails still clung to the air long after the family had left, and her last words stung the atmosphere. "You so mean! Poor doggie! Doggie get up, doggie go home!"

You so mean….

I looked at the four-legged creature and asked for its forgiveness. The child was right – we were mean. Dogs had a reputation for being man's best friend but… when they needed you, you were never there. Trying to escape the accusing voice within my mind,I ducked my head and started to turn away. Deep inside my heart, I knew I was no better than a kid. In the corner of my eye, I saw the dog again - the moment's rest was enough, and he stood there, life flowing through him. He was ready to fight for his life again.

He hurt doggie!

Why no one help doggie?

Yes, I can't help him. I walked quickly away, but not before the creature cried out. My head whipped back as many others did, curious of what had happened.

Shame on you…

The dog's stiff black tail flew out from behind him; his black muzzle with a white line jutted proudly out. Were it a cry of rage for the act this man had done, or one which warriors roared before a battle, or a call for his ancestors for him to draw strength upon, I did not know.

That time, I only saw the proud tilt of the muzzle, the strong lean body, and most of all, the free spirit. The spirit that refused to bend under another's bidding.

The dog closed his feral eyes, opening them again as the man ran forward, club raised. It jumped up and embraced the man. He backed away hastily, a huge gash on his arm. The dog gave one last final snarl, as if a warning, shook his coat, and trotted away. Free.

For the last time I turned away, but the girl's screams were loud in my ears.

Why no one help doggie?

Because he doesn't need help….