Authors Note: So, this is my first original novel. I know my grammar isn't the best but I hope to improve as I update. I don't have a beta so I have to attempt and edit myself. So, feel free to review with thoughts and idea's. I am still not sure of the storyline. Just writing as a I along. I had this idea for a while and am finally writing it. I will try and update weekly once or twice. I am starting school in a week so I can use this as English practice. Hehe. I'm still not sure of the title. I may change it. I'm bad at picking tittles. I'm also bad at using transition words. So, I apologize for if anyone gets annoyed with my sentences starting out with 'I, also, so, and anyways'.

Slash, M/M. PG-13 for Now

The Finder

Chapter one

Galaxy Blue looked like a small bar from the outside but once you pass through the entrance door and see the big open

room filled with tables and booths, a huge bar, and a stage where a band can perform, you feel like you need to go back

outside and take another look and wonder how the hell it all fit in the damn building. Galaxy Blue was a popular bar it was

right across from a popular dance club, Club Boyz, which you might tell from the name it's a club for gays. The two

businesses worked well for each other. People would meet at Club Boyz and then usually after some heavy dancing and

making out sessions they would head over to Galaxy Blue to get a drink and talk (if that was on the night menu) then head

over to one of the participants homes and do the deed. I usually skip step one and just go straight to the bar. Not that

there is anything wrong with me and having issues of picking up hot sexy men, I would love too, its just that I have a

problem. Its not a problem in the downstairs department either. Its more in the sixth sense type of department. You see

fifteen years ago some asshole scientists did this experiment with atoms and blew a couple up, it didn't cause any natural

disasters or anything, but it did make an impact on about 3 of the human race. Blowing up a couple atoms kind of screwed

up some of our nerves or something in our bodies, so a couple people now have some super powers. Not anything like flying

or super strength more like mental super powers. The most usual one is superior memory or a very sensitive sense of your

surroundings. I was a lucky one and received the power of reading people's thoughts and locating things like people or lost

pets. I had been fourteen years old when I woke up and thought I was crazy because images kept popping into my head.

After screaming and having my mother run it wanting to know what was wrong, I also realized I was the only one seeing

random images in my head. It felt like someone was flashing photos in my head kind of. My Mother had freaked out about

the whole ordeal but then we learned about the atom-blaster issue and it seemed to clear things up, for a while. Then a

year later I started to have the ability to see 'past images', my nickname for it, I can touch someone, an item, the ground,

anything and I will usually see the most recent past events with that spot, person, or an item. Sometimes if I concentrate on

something specific I can get what I am looking for. I used to work with the police, so if they needed someone found I could

look at their picture and a address would pop into my mind. I cannot really explain it, sometimes it works and sometimes it

doesn't. The only thing it doesn't work on is clothes, leather, and tree's that I know of so far. I don't know why it doesn't

work on those things but it just doesn't. This may seem pretty cool to have these abilities but think of having sex with a

person and images keep popping in your head from them. Usually its images of past sexual encounters with this particular

situation. Anyways, it distracts me to much and gives me a headache.

So, I just skip step one and go straight to step two. I like going to the bar and just watching people. Imaging myself going

home with someone. Having a relationship with someone. This is a very big problem I need to solve and soon. Its not only

affects my sex life but has made me into a very grumpy person. Another reason I like to go out to the bar is because I get

free drinks. The Owner of Galaxy Blue, Rita Skeller, is an old friend from high school. I sometimes help her out with my

abilities. Well, I mean. I helped find her lost dog, Scary, whenever it gets lost. Nine a clock is the usual time I arrive. Its

pretty empty around nine since everyone is having fun at the dance club. I hate my life.

Pulling up into my usual spot at the bar I plop my coat down onto the seat next to me. 'Hey You!" said the bartender, it was

Rita tonight. "Hey" I said back, scanning the room and seeing the occupants of the room. No one really interesting. "Well, I

know you've been out of a job recently and I think I found you something" Rita smiled and passed me my usual. I took a

small sip and set the glass down, "Oh yeah?". She nodded and smiled excitedly "Yep and it's a surprise. A very pleasant

surprise. I knew you'd be in tonight so I told the guy to come in around ten-ish to talk to you about it". I got a little worried

"What is it?". "Nah uh! I'm not telling. Just wait until he comes" she laughed and walked away to greet a new customer and

get their drinks. I noticed she was wearing her pink Dr Martens with a very bright pink skirt and a black laced top with some

white collaring. Rita was a fan of that gothic Lolita style. Personally, I just don't get it. It suited her well, I guess. I was more

of a black trousers, white shirt, black vest at times kind of guy. Which kind of describes my outfit for the evening but I had a

black tie on. I just came from a interview so hence the tie but then I like ties so I would have worn it anyways, probably.

Three drinks later I am getting a nice buzz and doing my people-watching. Sometimes I like to play games with my abilities

and try to focus on one person and see if I can get anything out of them. It never really works. Sometimes one fuzzy image

will pop up in my mind but nothing concrete. The room had filled in the last hour with parties of friends, couples, and people

who are lucky enough to have a one-night stand. I was watching a young woman sitting in the booth against the wall trying

to figure out what her name was when a body plopped down next to me and started chattering before I could even turn my

head. I knew who it was of course already from the chattering. It was my 2nd friend (and only friend really besides Rita)

Samuel "call me Sammy or else" Dawson. We had started off as roommates in college. "Quinn! Quinn! Oh! MY! God! I mean!

WOW! It was … I mean" Sammy was squirming in his seat and looked was smiling big. "Calm down" I nudged his shoulder "

what are you so pumped about?". Sammy beamed up at me smiling big still, "HE asked me to dance … with him!!". Oh him.

Him probably being Miguel Castillo. One of the sexiest men alive in my book. Miguel was very tall, 6'3 or 6'4. That was very

tall to my 5'9. Well, not really a huge difference but it was tall. Half Spanish with nice smooth golden brown skin and thick

black hair plus those very green eyes. Thinking of him made me depressed because of my abilities. Miguel was a bounty

hunter and a damn good one. He did stuff other then bounty hunting as well, body guarding and some other stuff. Miguel

also usually worked with two other bounty hunters who were just about as sexy as he was. Bruce Basch (known as Basch)

and Luther Styles. They were like the ultimate wet dream to me. I mean, I'm not the only one who ever dreamt that I was to

be brought in by them and that I was handcuffed and they just couldn't keep their damn hands off of me.

I turned my thoughts back to Sammy, "So, Miguel danced with you?". Sammy was nearly jumping in his seat "I nearly

fainted! He was so hot and I was so … so you know". Uh, I don't 'you know'. "And it was that new song, Star beam by

Trickster, so it was a long dance! Oh! If I died tonight I would still be the happiest boy ever" Sammy twirled on his seat and

starting laughing. I was starting to think Miguel had turned him crazy. "Did he ask you for your number or to get a drink

later?" I asked. 'get a drink' was usually code for 'you'll get luck for tonight". The twirling stopped and the smile faded fast.

Sammy looked up at me "Um, no". "oh!" I wanted to ask 'well why not?' but it might hurt his feelings. "Well! He did ask my

name and said we should get together another night" Sammy said with fast. "I'm sure he will look you up sometime" I say. "

I mean, he did say he had important business to take care of tonight around ten" Sammy seemed very defensive. "I'm sure

he did" or maybe he did with some Blondie. Rita scurried back to us and replaced my old drink, "so! That guy should be coming

soon" she said. "What guy?" asked Sammy drinking down his beer fast. "Ohhh, just someone who wants to hire our buddy,

Quinn, on for a job" Rita winked and walked away. Sammy turned toward me "What guy? What Job?". I shook my head, "I

don't know nothing. He's supposed to show up around ten tonight to talk to me". The room suddenly seemed to burst to life

with noise. Many Images of a naked Miguel suddenly popped into my mind. Well, I didn't have to turn around to know who

just walked in. I did anyway.

Miguel stood at the doorway looking around and next to him stood Basch and Luther. I swung back around to face the bar

and came face to a smiling Rita who seemed to be directing her hands toward her. I felt a bad feeling in my stomach. Oh no!

Before I could grab my coat and split I felt someone move and stand behind me. Very close behind me. "Here he is" Rita

gleamed and pointed at me, "Quinn Radcliff, the finder, he can find anyone for you". I didn't want to move. Great! What was

Rita thinking. She knew I didn't like using my abilities. Well, besides spying on people and their thoughts. I mean that was

okay, it was fun. But using it for work. I swore I told her about that last incident that made me stop working with the police.

"Quinn, turn around and introduce yourself" Rita was still gleaming. I glared at her and turned around in my seat which

made my legs brush against Miguel's legs. Oh sexy mama! Or I guess sexy daddy! I felt a great need for water. Having Miguel

Castillo, Bruce Basch, and Luther Styles all having their attention on me! "Hi!" did I just squeak that out? Oh dear god! "Hello,

I'm Miguel Castillo and these are my partners Bruce Basch and Luther Styles. We'd like to have a word with you?" He was

smiling at me! I hated to sound girly but I felt many butterflies in my stomach and happy thoughts. "I hope I'm not in any

trouble" I joked. Lame! I was so lame! Miguel let out a laugh, "No. We just want to talk about a job. Rita is there a room

where we can have some privacy?" he asked not looking away from me. I hoped I wasn't turning beat red. "Sure dolls, you

can talk in my break room. I got to get drinks so go right ahead" Rita left me. Thanks friend! Miguel took my arm, "shall we?"

and started to lead me to Rita's break room. Sammy was left at the bar, he seemed relieved and sad at this. I didn't have

much time to think about Sammy's feelings because I was gently lead out of the room and into Rita's break room. Where I

was to be alone with three sexy men which I couldn't even touch. Damn it.