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Chapter One

"Hey Andy! Hurry it up with those coffees yeah? I want a mocha!"

The small blonde cursed under his breath as he quickly finished handing out the photocopies to the six people who'd asked him to copy something for them.

Andy Mckenzie, Intern for Jones Advertising was currently acting as a waiter for the vast majority of the advertising department.

"Yeah, I'm on my way!"

He blew some of his blond hair out of his eyes and quickly grabbed a pad of yellow post-it notes and a pen from a nearby desk.

"Alright everyone! What'll it be?"

A barrage of orders was shouted out at once. Slow down, he thought. He found it difficult to write the orders down accurately when they were being fired at him rapidly.

He struggled on for a few more moments before he finally thought 'enough'.

"Ok people, can you please shout them out one at a time. I can't keep up!"

Groans of annoyance went through the cubicle offices of the department. Andy rolled his green eyes, honestly why were they so impatient?

One by one the orders were rattled off and before he knew it his yellow post-it was filled with his neat writing. He often got teased about his writing in the office; they said it was like a woman's. How can writing be female or male? He often felt like asking.

"Hurry up with those orders!" The chief of department nagged. He was a rounded man, with a balding head covered by the few black hairs that had hung onto life. His pot belly often hung out over his trousers, the belt tied too tightly. Andy never understood why larger men did that, it just made their gut look ten times worse. He shuddered.

"Alright! I'm on it, keep your hair on!" He sniggered at his own joke.

He grabbed his black jacket from his chair and pulled it on, keeping the post-it between his lips. He'd have a hell of a time remembering those orders without it.

He wandered into the staff room and took a tenner from the money pot by the mini fridge. Everyone who worked in the advertising department would add five pounds a week to contribute to the costs of buying refreshments.

Andy signed his name on the list on the wall to say that he had taken ten pounds from the pot. Whenever you added or took money you signed it on the paper, so the department knew how much money they had left in the pot. Simple and easy, just the way he liked it.

Andy wasn't one for beating around the bush. He often said what was on his mind and that had got him into quite a few rough patches.

He took the lift down to the ground floor and fought his way through the crowded streets of London. Ahhh coffee hour.

He made his way to the café two streets down from the office. They did the best coffee in all of London, in his opinion and for a reasonable price too.

Andy was jostled about, his size making him get swallowed in the crowd. Damn, he hated being small.

He suddenly felt a vibration in his right trouser pocket followed by the cheery ring tone of his phone. He managed to wedge his hand into his pocket and drag his phone out. He flipped the screen open to see who was calling. Ugh, his mother. That was one to miss.

He was about to press ignore when he found himself on the cold concrete of the pavement, his phone still open and playing the tune a few feet away from him. Ow, did his bottom hurt.

He looked over at his phone. He hoped it still worked; he had no landline in his apartment and didn't have enough money to buy a new mobile.

"Oh shit. I'm so sorry, are you alright?"

A deep voice asked from above him. Andy was still trying to figure out how he managed to end up on the floor. A shadow fell over him and he slowly peered up into the most gorgeous pair of brown eyes he'd ever seen. They were a deep chocolate, almost black and they smiled down at him.

"Huh?" Was about all he could manage.

He had to crane his head back to stare up at the giant god-like man. Black hair fell into the strangers brown eyes; it looked as unruly as his.

"I'm sorry I wasn't looking where I was going, here," The man offered the still slightly confused Andy a hand. It was a dark tan colour and warm to the touch. It completely engulfed Andy's smaller pale hand. He was hoisted to his feet as if he weighed nothing.

The man bent his giant frame over and picked up the black phone, checking it over for any damage he then handed it back to its owner.

Andy had finally pulled himself out from his stunned stupor and resisted the urge to rub him butt, it really hurt damn it!

"Th-Thank you." He said still in a bit of a daze. He accepted the phone. On the screen it displayed 'one missed call'. He flipped it shut and returned it to his pocket.

The stranger stared down at him, concern evident on his face.

"Are you alright? You didn't hurt yourself did you?"

Andy refocused his gaze on the taller man.

"No, I didn't."

The stranger smiled at him. It lit up his handsome face. He has really nice skin, Andy noticed. Tanned and smooth, not even a hint of stubble. High cheekbones and strong jaw line made him look like a deity. Andy then moved his gaze down to stare at his full lips; he wondered what it would be like to kiss them.

The man looked confused when Andy continued to stare at his face. He rubbed at his cheek. The muscles under his white shirt shifted as his arm moved.

"Why are you staring? I don't have anything on my face do I?"

He asked, continuing to rub at his skin.

Andy blinked, and then felt a slight blush creep onto his face. Embarrassed to be caught staring.

"N-no, sorry."

Damn stutter, he thought, wish it'd go away.

The man smiled.

"I'm Tony by the way. Antony Maioni."

He held out his hand for Andy to shake.

He clasped it in his smaller hand.

"Andy Mckenzie, nice to meet you Antony."

The guy chuckled. It's deep sound igniting something warm in Andy.

"The pleasure's all mine and please, call me Tony."

Andy grinned.

Tony glanced at his watch and swore softly.

"Look I've gotta go, I'm running late for a meeting."

He pulled out a pen and looked for something to write on.

Andy handed him his yellow post-it note.

"Here's my number, it'd be great if we could meet up. I'd even buy you a drink."

Andy took the note and stared at it. Tony's number was written on the back of the note, his name under it accompanied by a smiley face.

"Sorry again for running into you. Call me!"

And with that said he was gone leaving a stunned Andy to stare at the number and wonder how on Earth this had come to be. He stood in a stupor for a moment and then gave into the urge to rub the sore area at his tailbone, he was sure he was going to have a bruise there.

Five O'clock rolled slowly around. If he didn't see another sheet with "To Photocopy" on the front for the rest of his life, he would be happy. But alas, it all starts again on Monday. At least it's the weekend, he thought.

He shoved his jacket on and went to catch the bus to get home.

After a squashed twenty minute bus ride with annoying tourists and the occasional wail from an upset child Andy was well and truly ready for the day to end.

He wrestled his way off the bus and walked a further ten minutes down the road until he reached his apartment.

It was an old converted town house, with Victorian style architecture and grey bricks. The house had been converted into about four flats, it was an expensive place to rent but Andy liked the style and size of the apartment. Live a little spend a little was his motto, which probably explained why he was having trouble making ends meet.

The foyer of the house was airy, with wooden flooring and a large glass window at the top of the stairs. It took up the whole wall and lit the hallway and landing with natural light during the day. The remaining walls were littered with pictures of the landlady's family. Mrs Truro was a sweet lady who mothered all of the tenants and constantly asked if 'they were eating enough'.

Andy wiped his feet on the mat just inside the front door, knowing how mad Mrs Truro got if you 'messed up her clean floor.'

He wandered up the staircase until he reached the landing. It was large and square in shape; each wall of the square had a door leading to a flat. In total there were three flats, the other two occupants were a bit older than his twenty years and they didn't like to talk to him too much. They thought he was too immature for their conversations on politics, not that he would want to sit in on old men arguing over who's party policies are better.

He sighed and unlocked the dark brown door with a gold number 2 screwed into it. Some of the gold paint was flaking off, revealing the silver metal underneath.

He kicked the door shut and almost tripped over his Japanese Peace Lily that he kept near the door. He really needed to move it but it brightened up that corner and made him feel happy whenever he got in.

He hung his jacket up on the coat hanger that was screwed into the wall above his lily and stumbled through the apartment, intent on taking a shower to rid his body of the smells of the day.

He pushed his hands into his pockets and felt something crinkle in them. He frowned and pulled out the yellow post-it note. His eyebrows rose when he read what was on there. He had completely forgotten about his meeting with Tony, as the name said at the bottom of the number.

He smiled as he remembered the handsome man who had quite literally swept him off his feet. His eyes were to die for, Andy thought grinning as he recalled the intensity in those chocolate depths.

He'd said to call him. Andy debated with himself for a while, to call or not to call? Well, he thought, I haven't got anything to lose. Except your heart a small voice is his mind warned him, but he ignored it. The time when he worried about being hurt again was over.

He rummaged for his black mobile and pulled it out, settling on the cream coloured sofa he started to type the number into his phone.

He curled his knees up to his chest and rested his arms over the top of them. He took a deep breath and pressed the green call button.

It started to ring. After four or so rings Andy suddenly hung up. What was he thinking? Phoning a random guy he met off the street. He was probably just being nice because he knocked you over, a bitter voice said.

His phone started vibrating and the cheery ring tone filled the silence of his apartment. He frowned and looked at the caller ID; it was a number he didn't recognise.

He flipped the phone open and hesitantly bought it to his ear.

"H-Hello?" he spoke into the mouth piece.

"Hello. I have a missed call from this number. Who's this?" A deep voice sounded in Andy's ear. It was him! Oh god, oh god. What was he gonna do?

"Hello? You there?"

Well, speak to the guy would be the first thing, he berated himself.

"Uh…yeah. This is Andy…the uh guy you knocked over in the street. I mean you said to ca-"

"Yeah! I remember you! Look man, sorry about that again. I was running late to a meeting and wasn't looking where I was going."

Andy smiled.

"It's ok really, you've apologised enough."

He let out a nervous little laugh. There was an awkward silence for a few moments.

"Do you know the club George's?"

"Uh, yeah. I've been there a couple of times." Andy nervously answered. The butterflies that were in his stomach must be breeding, he thought wryly.

"Great! Me and my mate José meet up there regularly. Would you like to meet there tonight? Just so I can buy you a couple of drinks, y'know to make up for knocking you over."

"Really? Tonight? I wouldn't be intruding or anything?"

He nervously asked. Andy would hate to get in the way of best friends.

A throaty chuckle met Andy's ears.

"No man, it's fine. It would be great if you could come tonight."

Well, at least it would be in a crowded area so if he turned out to be an axe murderer he could scream for help.

"Well, yeah sure! What time should we meet up?"

"Hmm, well I have to pick up my mate, so about eight ish? I'll look out for you!"

"Yeah, that would be great! See you soon then?"

"Yeah! See ya!"

With that, Andy hung up. A huge smile plastered on his face. He had a date…well sort of.