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Sighing heavily, Natarou plunked his books down on the desk in front of him and then took a seat in the plastic chair attached to it, slumping as comfortably in the seat as he could, seeing as this type of chair was practically designed to make one's spine split in half. He glanced briefly around the room at the few students here. Not many had managed to get detention so early; it was only the fourth day of school. Natarou's detention was from the first day, though, so he was among the unfortunate few who had started off by getting into trouble.

The room was fairly empty, but he did catch sight of Yuushu and the pink-haired boy he had fought with on the first day while waiting to see the Dean. He quickly turned his face away from him so he wouldn't notice him and start things up again, instead looking to the front of the room. Today there were two teachers in charge of supervising detention, and Natarou groaned at the sight of them. Akami, the nurse for the high school students, was one of them, and he sat on top of the desk at the front of the room, licking a strawberry lollipop and twisting a pink and blonde pigtail around his finger. And the other--

"Oh Natarou-kun, are you in detention already?" the lilac-haired man asked him, turning a pair of matching eyes on him with a mixture of giddiness and motherly disappointment.

"Yeah, Taishuku-sensei," he answered reluctantly. "It's from the first day."

"You really need to learn to behave yourself," the Drama teacher instructed him. Akami had picked up Taishuku's long hair while he was speaking and was twisting strands of it into tiny braids. "Or eventually you're going get suspended! I've seen it happen before, cross my heart!" he said tapping the light purple heart tattoo on his cheek and then laughing at his own joke. Natarou rolled his eyes.

"Sure, whatever," Natarou muttered, pulling out a cigarette and lighting it by way of habit to calm his nerves. Taishuku always made him jumpy with his grand hand gestures and his melodramatic rants about this and that. As he slowly took his first puff, he heard a high-pitched sound behind him.

"Gross! He's smoking again!"

Natarou sighed and turned around in his seat. "If you don't like it, then leave."

"I caaaaan't," Yuru whined. "This is detention. I'm not allowed to leave."

"Then just shut up," Natarou instructed him, turning back around and focusing on calming his jittering nerves. But, much to his dismay, he had not heard the last of the pink-haired nightmare sitting behind him.

"Smoking is just so gross!" Yuru droned on. "I don't even get why people do it! It makes you smell bad, and it makes you all yellow and crusty and gross! You shouldn't be allowed to smoke in here! You should put out that stupid cigarette or I'm going to tell the principal and you'll get another detention! It's just so sick that--"

But Natarou had had enough. Gritting his teeth in irritation, he turned around again. "Are you going to shut up?" he asked.

"No!" Yuru exclaimed, giving him a look that made it appear as though this fact was completely obvious. Natarou nearly exploded, but instead he settled for taking a long drag and blowing the smoke in Yuru's face. Yuru's eyes widened, and he looked horrified before coughing in an extremely exaggerated way. "Um, excuse me?!" he asked in a surprisingly pissy tone. Natarou gave a tiny smirk and took another drag, blowing the smoke into Yuru's face again. Yuru responded by squealing angrily and slapping the cigarette out of Natarou's hand.

"Hey! You stupid bitch!" Natarou growled in reply.

"Hey now!" the voice issued from directly above him, and he looked up to see Taishuku standing over his chair, looking down at him and 'tsk tsk'ing.

"What's with all the fighting?" Akami had appeared on his other side and Natarou felt extremely cornered, slumping down at bit in his seat to escape the two overly-effeminate teachers.

"You'd better be nice or I'll have to give you another detention," Taishuku warned, swooning dramatically and shaking his head. "You can't have two in the same week, now can you? That would be just simply dreadful! My poor little heart can barely even stand the thought!"

Yuushu watched the spectacle in something between horror and amusement. He felt slightly bad for Natarou, as he was obviously completely miserable in the situation, but it was still slightly funny to watch Taishuku's exaggerated hand gestures as he spoke. It was hard decided whether he should feel guilty for wanting to laugh, but either way the entire thing was extremely entertaining. So he should have suspected that someone would take advantage to the fact that he was deeply absorbed in something and not focusing. But of course, he didn't see it coming.

"Blargh!" came the voice as he felt a warm weight tackle him quite suddenly, completely out of nowhere. Terror invaded his body at the sudden noise, and he screamed, jumping nearly a foot in the air. He felt something strange on his back but assumed it was just whoever had tackled him, and bit his lip keep from screaming again. He could feel the wave of molten horror begin to subside.

"What was that?" he asked, slightly irritated as he turned his head to look at his attacker. He was not surprised to see that it was Tenshi, laughing hysterically and holding onto his sides. "And what's so funny?"

"They're--" giggle "--so--" giggle "--small!" Tenshi chuckled, pointing at Yuushu. Considerably confused, Yuushu raised an eyebrow at him. He didn't have the vaguest clue as to what his roommate could be talking about, and for a moment he wondered if he was on drugs.

"What are small?" Yuushu asked, hoping that if he asked maybe Tenshi would come back to his senses. But the white-haired boy just kept laughing, shaking his head and breathing heavily.

"Your-- your wings they're… hee! They're so small!" Tenshi exclaimed, pointing at him again. Now Yuushu was completely and utterly lost, and turned to look around to see if anyone else thought Tenshi was going insane. But as he turned his head around, he caught sight of something soft and red behind him out of the corner of his eye. Turning his head fully, he fixed his eyes on it, and his blood ran cold.

Sticking out from Yuushu's back was a pair of soft, feathery red wings. They had ripped the back of his shirt when they'd come out, and it hung in tatters around the sudden entities which stuck proudly from his back in some strange, cruel twist of fate. They were actual wings… real, honest to god wings. He could feel them in the same was he could feel his leg, could tell they were really attached to him, they really had feeling. He nearly fainted. He glanced around quickly, hoping no one had noticed… though he was crazy to think they hadn't. His heart was hammering in his chest and his mind was racing a million miles a second. He had absolutely no idea what was happening, but a kind of cold fear had found its was into his chest. He was afraid he was going to have a heart attack.

Suddenly, Akami and Taishuku were upon him, and he jumped, trying in vain to hide the wings behind his chair. But they obviously noticed them, and, to Yuushu's surprise, they looked delighted.

"Oh, this is just wonderful!" Akami gushed, smiling at him. "Is this your first time?"

"First time what!?" Yuushu asked, slightly alarmed.

"The first time your wings have come out, silly!" Taishuku answered, pulling a small pink camera from the pocket of his hotpants and snapping a picture of the horrified Yuushu. "Oh, this is so exciting, isn't it, Ami-chan? I feel like a proud mother!"

"It's great, Hika-san!" Akami agreed. "Oh, they grow up so fast!"

"What are you guys talking about?" Yuushu asked, dodging a motherly hair rub from Taishuku, who was still rambling, gesturing flamboyantly with his arms as he spoke. "What's happening!? I have no idea what's going on!" he leaped from his seat, mind still racing a million miles an hour. He could barely breathe, much less think coherently. What was happening to him? He turned and bolted, almost as though he was trying to run from the wings. But they came with him, and he kept running, bolting down the hallway. "What's going on, what's going on, what's going on!?"

Still running away from his confusion and terror, the hallway had a floating, dreamlike quality, as though he wasn't really there. It was mostly empty, as classes were over and most of the students were enjoying their free time. This further led to the empty, white glow of the sun on the walls, and gave him a strange sensation of floating. Maybe this was all just a very odd, bad dream. Maybe in a moment he would awaken in his own bed and his family would still be alive and he would be normal… maybe--

So consumed in thought, Yuushu almost didn't see the person standing directly in front of him. He panicked and dug his heels into the floor just in time, skidding to a stop and just missing colliding into the solid figure. Looking slowly up at the tall man, he was met with a face partially obscured by long black hair. The man looked like a teacher, so Yuushu found it odd that there were two blue streaks in the front of his hair, especially since he was dressed formally. But all of this flew out of his mind as he was stared down at with grayish purple eyes so intense that he swore his soul was being penetrated. It almost hurt.

"Uh…" he muttered, "…hello there?"

"Gekkani Yuushu," the man said, less of a question than a statement. As Yuushu nodded, the man scrutinized his wings for a moment. "Come with me," he didn't bother to give Yuushu a chance to answer, instead turning swiftly and then looking impatiently back over his shoulder, obviously expecting Yuushu to follow. Shaking slightly, Yuushu trailed after him as he headed for a nearby classroom and turned the knob. Suddenly, just as he swung the door open, an excited voice cut through the silence behind them.

"Kuro! Vous êtes finalement ici! Je ne vous ai pas vu dans une si longue heure!" Yuushu turned his head to see Kureno coming in their direction, grinning excitedly at the tall man Yuushu was following.

The man called Kuro sighed. "Kureno, I don't care how excited you are… speak Japanese, alright?"

"What kind of greeting is that? It's been almost a year!" Kureno said, looking slightly offended as he stopped just in front of them. "You know perfectly well what I was saying, anyway!" he grabbed Kuro in a hug, kissing both his cheeks in quick succession. "Oh, you look so good. How have you been? And hello, Yuushu-kun!"

"Um… hi, Utada-sensei," Yuushu said, calming down slightly in Kureno's prescence.

"Hello! And by the way, I'm sure he didn't introduce himself… he's awful about that. This is Isamashii Kuro! He used to teach at another school, but he was unexpectedly transferred here because of special circumstances! He teaches Contemporary Literature. But honestly, I didn't think he'd ever show up…" Kureno gave Kuro's chest a playful push and then turned his attention back to Yuushu. "You look a little stressed, Yuushu-kun. Are you alright?" Kureno reached out and touched Yuushu's forehead lightly. Yuushu could have sworn he saw sparkles emanate from Kureno's fingertips, but he promptly forgot about it when a wave of comfort and happiness rushed through him. It was extremely odd. "But anyway, Kuro, how about it? How have you been?"

Kuro sighed again. "We'll catch up later, okay Kureno? I don't have time right now…" he avoided Kureno's eyes in a way that was rather odd to Yuushu.

"Oh, Kuro. Come on, you…" and then Kureno's eyes softened. "Is this about the br--"

"No, it's not! It was your decision, and I couldn't care less about that anymore, anyway." Kureno lifted his fingertips gingerly to Kuro's head, and Yuushu saw a few sparkles emerge before Kuro slapped his hand away. "Don't… I don't need it. And this has nothing to do with you. Right now I've got to explain some things to Gekkani-kun, and they're rather important."

"You mean…" Kureno blanched unexpectedly, biting his lip. "You mean that?"

"Yes, I mean that," Kuro told him. "It's about that time."

"But Kuro… he's a special case! Ue-sama said that we needed to wait and--"

"I know what he said, Kureno. But honestly, right now I don't even care what happens if I go against his orders. I'm not going to let Gekkani-kun wander around wondering what's going on. Now, if you'll excuse us, I'm going to do what needed to be done a long time ago," he turned back toward the door. Yuushu was getting more confused by the moment, and his head was spinning faster with almost every sentence uttered. He couldn't help but wonder what in the world was going on.

"Kuro, wait--"

"Don't," Kuro told him harshly. "If you want, you can come, but don't say anything. I know what you want to say, and I don't want to hear it. So stay or leave. But if you come in here, you're going to have consequences too, you know that?"

Kureno hung his head, bit his lip, and nodded. "I'm not going to let you be punished alone, of course."

"Stop acting so devoted," Kuro said as he entered the room. Yuushu followed him, with Kureno close behind. "I know you're trying to make it up to me, but it's a little late for that."

"Désolé…" Kureno said softly, and Yuushu glanced back at him to find that his usual cheerful smile was nowhere to be seen. Instead, he looked miserable. Yuushu didn't want to interfere, but he couldn't help feeling worried.

"Are you alright, sensei?" he asked softly, and Kureno looked up, looking slightly alarmed. His bright blue eyes were slightly damp, but he was quick to disguise his emotion.

"Yes…" he muttered, nodding. "Thank you, Yuushu-kun. I'm fine," some of the deadness left his eyes as he spoke, and a tiny, albeit forced-looking smile flicked across his lips. "It was sweet of you to worry… but I'm just fine. Really."

The room they had entered was a deserted classroom, and Kuro leaned up against the chalkboard, while Kureno took a seat near him on the teacher's desk. Yuushu made a move to stand in front of them, but when Kuro informed him that he may want to sit down for this, he opted for moving to one of the desks in the first row (which was made a little difficult by the fact that his wings were still out in all their soft red glory), his heart thudding slightly. His life had suddenly taken a strange, confusing turn, and now he had no idea what to do. He hoped that whatever Kuro was going to tell him would help him make sense of things, because at the moment he felt completely and utterly lost.

"Umm.. well..?" he asked softly, hoping Kuro would begin. The suspense was killing him.

"Alright… there's no easy way to say this," Kuro began, fiddling with his tie. He removed it and set it on the desk beside Kureno, and then began undoing the buttons of his shirt.

"Ah!" Yuushu shrieked, assuming the worst. Kuro shot him an irritated glance.

"Calm down," he told him as he undid the last button and slid his shirt off, placing it on top of the tie. He stood shirtless for a moment, breathing steadily, and then suddenly something erupted from his back, starting small and then growing larger. When they stopped, it was clear that they were a pair of black, feathery wings, like Yuushu's only much bigger. He stared bug-eyed at the large, feathery things. "As you can see, you're not alone. We're angels."

"Wh--what?" for a moment, Yuushu couldn't think. He couldn't even breathe. He stared open-mouthed from Kuro to Kureno, looking for some clue that they were joking. But their faces were serious, and he gave up hope of that dream quickly.

"Angels. I'm one, you're one, and Kureno is one. Every single student and teacher at this school is an angel. The school was designed specifically for that purpose that as we grow up we won't have to worry about keeping our secret from normal people."

"But… why? What?"

"We're here to help…" Kuro explained, his eyes trained out the window. "We complete missions-- they vary from helping people to keeping demons at bay. And with every mission passed, our wings get bigger. Wing size determines status, in a way."

Yuushu could not comprehend this. Angels, demons, missions… for a moment it was too much for him to handle, and he rested his reeling head on the desk in front of him. But Kuro kept talking, and Yuushu wasn't exactly sure how to tell him he couldn't handle any more.

"We all have our own special abilities, of course. I'm a healer, for instance, and Kureno can manipulate and heal emotions. Everyone's abilities are unique, and sometimes it takes a long time to realize what they are."

That explained the sparkles coming out of Kureno's fingers, and how much better he'd felt when he touched him. But he was still confused. "Wait a minute," Yuushu interrupted, finally finding his voice. "If I'm an angel, why didn't I notice? The wings, the powers… how could I not realize all of that for sixteen years?!" he was starting to wonder if this was just some kind of big, sick joke.

"Even though the babies who are angels are born with their wings out, there usually aren't any other signs until around the age of sixteen… it's kind of like 'angel puberty'. And today was your first sign of it!" Kureno was smiling again, the torment that had been on his face and in his eyes gone. "Congratulations!"

"Why did they come out, though? Tenshi jumped on me, and then they just sort of…" he paused. "Popped out."

"Well, when we're startled, under a lot of stress, or when we… have an orgasm," Kureno looked like he was holding back a giggle, "Our wings come out on their own. The first two are like a defense mechanism, but I still don't really understand the third. And of course we can put them out at will when we've had some basic training. And of course there's that kind of training at the school!"

"I thought I told you not to talk, Kureno," Kuro said, a vein throbbing in his temple. Kureno gave him an apologetic wink.

"Désolé," he said with a slight giggle. "I just couldn't help it. It's just so exciting! Oh, you're going to learn how to use your powers, and how to fly, and how to manage your abilities! It's both a blessing and a curse, but mostly a blessing. You're going to have a lot of fun with it, I assure you."

Yuushu rubbed his temples slightly, still trying to process the information. The fact that he wasn't actually even human burned in his mind like a fire, and he could feel the staggering reality pressing in on him, the heavy fact that he had suddenly been ushered into an entirely new world.

Super special notes:

Akami calls Taishuku "Hika-san" because his first name is Hikari. They all like to call each other pet names (Reno-chan, Teri-san, ect) because Interi, Akami, Kureno, Taishuku, and Kuro have all been friends since they were teenagers.

Kureno's French sayings translate basically into "Kuro! You're finally here!", "It's been so long since I saw you!", and of course, "sorry". When he gets emotional sometimes he accidentally switches to French, his first language.

"Ue" is a way of referring to someone extremely important or respected without using their name. Adding the "sama" is just a way of making Ue into a professional title, like addressing someone as "boss" or something like that. So no, Ue isn't the mysterious person's name. But I doubt even Kuro and Kureno even know his real name XDD

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