The Eclipses

"We're almost there, m'lady!" the fly buzzed behind him. Shreya nodded, her pace quickening. She was in the abandoned part of Meriwether now, the part that was on the other side of the Kariata. It was rumored this part was cursed, and that's why everyone left. Rumors are rumors, but that fact didn't make Shreya feel less queasy.

Suddenly, the fly stopped. It turned and said, "This is the Eclipse." It didn't make any sense to Shrey, but all the same, this is where Andy was. Shreya figured that Andy wouldn't let her in if she came in the front way. Plus, this was an opportunity to be like the heroes and heroines in her books! Shreya glanced around to look for another way in. That's when she spotted the air vent.

She crawled on top of the dumpster, where the fly was eating joyfully. She heaved herself into the vent and crawled until she came to an opening. She looked through it and gaped.

There were other people in the abandoned factory living there. This was the main office, but it shocked Shreya. What shocked her even more was one of the people down there.

"Warren, you idiot! If it weren't for you, we'd be unknown!" Jewel growled. Jewel! Of all people!

The boy sitting on the couch combed his shaggy hair with his hand. For whatever reason, he reminded Shreya of a wolf. Especially his gray hair and amber eyes. He frowned and glared at Jewel. "You know what, vamp? If it weren't for you, it wouldn't be as big of a deal!" he snapped. He grabbed a chicken bone and started to chew on it angrily.

Jewel snarled. "I wouldn't have gone down if you hadn't decided you'd be fine without Hex's potion!" She retorted.

The boy was about to reply, until a sharper voice came in. "It was both of your faults. The blame is on both of you," the voice snapped. Shreya searched for the owner and widened her eyes when she found him. It was New Yorker coat guy!

Jewel snarled. "What do you know Damian? You're not a Nightmare. We are. Unless you get Andy to say it, you're not in control of us. Fantasies never understand Nightmares. In fact, Andy's the first Nightmare I've met who can understand all three sides," Jewel hissed.

New-Yorker-coat-guy blinked emotionless, and started to reply, until he was interrupted. "You know they're right, Damian. We don't really understand each other." A very depressed looking sort of character jumped from somewhere up top next to the couch. Shreya gaped. A... a satyr?

A girl was laying on the top of a large bookshelf and gracefully leapt down instead of loudly like the satyr., She... she had cat ears and a cat tail. Was that a Neko that Lilly always talked about in her mangas? She frowned and licked her palm. "We could understand each other if we tried, Stanley!" she replied sharply.

The dog-boy jumped up and growled, "No we can't, you stupid cat! And if we did, I'd wish..."

"Don't use the W word," someone groaned. A Chinese boy trudged in, and collapsed where the dog-boy had been sitting before.

The Faun glanced over to the exhausted boy. "Why are you so tired, Jin?" he asked.

The Chinese boy groaned again. "There was a meteor shower last night." The whole room groaned.

"Just what we needed, more mayhem," NYCG said under his breath.

The Chinese boy groaned again. "It's taking all my will not to grant them. I hate meteor showers. Hate them, hate them, hate them. Who's stupid idea was it to wish on a shooting star?" The boy glanced over at the glum Faun. "What's up with you, Stan?" he asked.

The Faun sunk lower into his seat. "Hex took my flute to play with for one of his experiments. You know how I get after one day without playing it." He scowled. He glared at the girl coming in. "Dear God, here comes Miss Cheery."

The girl in the tree hugger shirt (the one who just came in) blinked. She turned to Jewel. "What's his problem?" she asked.

Jewel rolled her eyes. "Hex took his flute," she explained. The tree hugger made an "Ahhh" face.

Suddenly, the window overlooking the factory opened, and a boy flew in with a cup of foul smelling liquid. His dainty wings disappeared into his back. He handed the cup to the Chinese boy. "Hex says take little sips over small periods of time," he informed the sickly boy.

The Chinese boy snatched it from the wing boy's hand and took a sip. Immediately, his whole face relaxed and he started to snuggle into the couch. "Thanks, Justin. You're a life saver," he mumbled.

The Faun jumped up and grabbed the boy with wings by the collar. "You tell Hex," he hissed, "To give me back my flute or I'll strangle that little Sorcerer and pluck every hair off his damned tarantula. If you don't pass on the message, I'll inform you I'm very good and plucking pixie wings too."

The Satyr put the boy down, and the boy brushed himself off. "A little cranky without our flute are we?" the boy muttered under his breath.

The tree hugger shook her head. "I knew Hex was in over his head when he took the flute. Trust me, Dryads know satyrs are not pleasant creatures without their flutes."

The Faun snarled, but blushed still. He turned around, a little ashamed. "Well, he shouldn't have taken it in the first place. I swear, I'm gonna stomp that little maggot into the ground. If that stupid kid thinks he can out-brawn me, he's dead wrong. I'm 2 years older than him, stronger than him, and damn good in a fight. Where as that little potion maker has to hide behind his potions and poisons and talismans and..."

"Hey, Stanley! I have a surprise for you!" A little girl appeared, holding her two hands behind her back. Her skin seemed flawless and pale. She grinned up at the Faun.

"Look, Ellie, I'm not playing games right now and..." he began. Then he peeked over her back. He broke into a broad grin. "Ellie, you little thief!"

The little girl held out in front of her a rough looking wooden flute. "Here you go, Stanley!" she said proudly.

The Faun snatched it out of her hands and began to play. Then he took the small girl into his arms and twirled around and around. "Ellie, haven't I ever told you you're my favorite 11-year-old?" he asked her.

The Faun put her down and beamed at her. The dog-boy rolled his eyes. "Geez, Ellie! You little elves are born snatchers!" The girl leaped over to the boy and hugged him. The dog-boy worked hard to suppress a grin.

Suddenly, the door banged open. A boy red-faced and glowering, a gave a glare to everyone in the room. "Who let Necro out?" he hissed.

Everyone was silent. "You mean," The Neko asked, "that tarantula got out?" Her eyes widened.

NYCG rubbed his temples. "Necro is out and about. Fine, wonderful. There's nothing wrong with an enchanted arachnid crawling about somewhere," he muttered. He gave the accusing boy a look. "Okay, Hex. What was the last thought you got from him?" NYCG asked.

The boy gave one accusing glance to each of the people in the room. "He said he had to go find something. You! You let him out for revenge, didn't you Stanley?" he shouted.

The Faun gave him a look. "You know I'm too lazy to go into your billion locked room. Why'd I waste my time, even if I was good and mad at you?" he asked him.

The boy glared, accusing the next and next person. "Hex is not one for patience, princess." Shreya, horrified, slowly looked up. There was a monster tarantula right in front of her. Its beady eyes reflected Shreya. "Don't be afraid, Princess. I won't hurt you. I just spotted a delicious looking fly before, but refrained from eating him when he told me you were coming. I thought I better come and introduce myself. I am Necro, and the boy down there accusing everyone is my partner Hex. Hex is good to me and all, but he's a little protective." The spider squatted more, looking at the scene.

The boy accusing (Hex?) finally eyed every one of them. "I know he's in here somewhere! I feel it! I swear upon Sa-"

"There is no room for that kind of talk here," a voice said quietly and sternly. Andy emerged from the shadows and immediately everyone got silent. She strode over to Hex. "Hector, you are not in Valentijn's army anymore. There is no swearing upon the Nightmare Three. Or the Fantasy Three, or the Fairy Tale Three. Necro is fine. He went to meet someone. In fact, I think we have a trespasser."

As if on cue, the vent beneath Shreya gave away, and she tumbled down to the floor along with the dust. Immediately, all the creatures in the room jumped up. "How long was she there?!" the dog-boy demanded.

"Wait... I know her!" Jewel exclaimed. She effortlessly avoided the fallen metal. She bent down and grinned. She had fangs. Sharp fangs. "Shreya! Roshen's little sister. I knew I was getting the vibes from you!"

Shreya looked alarmed and turned white. She put her head between her knees, trying to breath. NYCG scowled. "How'd she find us? How'd she penetrate the shield?"

The dog-boy snarled and jumped up. "You know her or not know her, Jewel, she's got to be gone." He leapt and almost got on top of her. Shreya whimpered and got ready for the impact.

Suddenly, Necro was before her, hissing at the dog-boy. The dog-boy was howling in pain. "God damn that tarantula!" he shouted.

NYCG took out a stick and waved it over the bite marks. A clear liquid came followed the stick's every move. "Well," the tree hugger said, "There's a surprise."

The Faun eyed the giant tarantula. "That guard spider's actually protecting someone besides you, Hex! This girl must be special."

Hex slowly came up to Shreya, but only to have Necro hiss at him. "Hex, I can't let you hurt her. She is the Princess." Necro hissed.

Hex blinked. "The Princess...? Of what?" he demanded.

The monster arachnid blinked its eyes. "The Princess of Insects and Arachnids. The Princess of the Crawler's World. It's my duty to make sure she is unharmed." he told his 'partner'.

Hex scrunched up his face. "Princess of the Crawler's World? That's nonsense! That would mean she's..." Immediately, he paled. "You... you don't mean...?"

Necro nodded. "That's exactly what I mean," he told Hex.

The boy became dazed and started to collapse into the couch. "The last piece..." he whispered.

"Precisely," Necro told him.

The little girl looked from the spider to Hex. "What's the Princess of the Crawler's World?" she demanded.

Andy gave Shreya an empty look. She gave Shreya a hand and helped her up. Andy turned her to the rest of the group. "The Faun is Stanley, The Tree hugger-"

"Dryad," The tree hugger interrupted,.

Andy nodded. "the Dryad, " she continued, " Is Oakley. The Neko is August, NYCG , he is a wizard, is Damian. I assume you already know our vampire, Jewel, the dog-boy is Warren, The little girl is Ellie, she's our elf, the Chinese boy is the Genie Jin."

"Djinn is the correct name," Jin corrected sleepily.

Andy ignored him and began again, " The Pixie is Justin and Necro's partner is our Sorcerer Hector."

"Who's she, Andy? What is she doing here?" Warren demanded.

Andy looked into Warren's eyes. "Eclipses, this is Shreya. She is an Angel Fairy."

Shreya Mitsuki Emelia Rose's lists:

The Eclipses

Andy- ? Leader; age:16, girl, Nightmare

Damian- Wizard, Second-in-Command; age: 16, Fantasy

Jewel- Vampire; age: 16, Nightmare

Stanley(Stan)- Satyr; age: 17, Fairy Tale

Oakley- Dryad; age: 16, Fairy Tale

Warren- Werewolf; age: 17, Nightmare

August- Neko; age: 16, Fantasy

Jin- Djinn(genie); age: 15, Fantasy

Ellie- Elf; age: 11, Fairy Tale

Hector(Hex)- Sorcerer; age: 16, Nightmare

Justin- Pixie; age: 15, Fantasy