I look
Sight is replaced with emotion
Love crammed into every corner of my body
And joy reflecting off someone else's eyes
They being the possession of many others
And not me

But this is a dream
As my wants are scooped out
Spilling over my walls
So often high and forbidding to those who oppose them
Yet my eyelids close and the mechanisms whirl
Pulling my Jericho down not with trumpets
But with silence

So huge is this love
It engulfs me
Carries me
Into a the placeless places
Where I find him--

I'm too deep to be wary
Too delirious to move into cynical concern
Fold my arms across myself or turn away
And I all too willingly take in a scene not meant for me
Yet set so severely where I want to be
That for the smallest of moments I must believe
And open every square inch door that has shut me in
All for the impossible

There is only this welcome humid
Floating both slow and fast
Through the leaves and branches and tress
Over streets and houses
But mostly within ourselves
A warm friendship firmly secured
Like the doors of the paranoid strangers
Bolting away this hope in exchange for the cold
Silvery strings keeping them within so called reality

But I'm home
Or at least closer
Knowing that I was the catalyst
Not trampled or turned out
But embraced

And then I awake
With only anxiety left to sleep inside my chest