You were a black Labrador

Lord of the warm kitchen floor

Watching with brown, tired eyes

For food that was set aside

I was a young, brooding man

Maintaining peace when I can

Alone watching grand sunsets

Taking what joy I can get

And as the hours danced by

I held your face next to mine

As you growled at running boys

And barked at the midnight noise

So I'm sorry

I must go

Rain or shine

Hell or high water flow

I'll be with you

Hoping you know

I miss being lazy with you

Many times ago

Now you're a three-legged mutt

Lifting yourself from the rut

Snapping at passersby

Marking each step with a cry

I find your broken soul

Buried in a shallow hole

Fearing my old, weary friend

Cannot persist to the end

Then with a kiss goodbye

You're led by the leash to the sky

Part of the glowing hue

I once enjoyed with you

So I'm sorry

It's time to go

Love or hate

Laughter or teardrop flow

I'll remember you

Believing you know

I miss being lazy with you

Many times ago.