So you know how you hardly talk in class, but if someone looked over at you
at just the right second
they'd see you smiling?
And you know how you use a pencil because I guess you
don't think you'd want to be permanent,
and then there you go, sharpening it during a lecture because
you are here and you know you want us to know it?
Have you ever seen the contrast between you and everyone at your table?
The way you shuffle in to class smiling with one corner of your mouth
digging high up your cheek but your eyes are already stern because
your face hasn't forgotten what one of your friends said to you
but your mind has?

And you know how you could talk to anyone in the room and they would know your name
because you all went to school together before and then
I'm just in the middle of all of you, and no one knows me.
So do you ever see me smiling? Because it seems hard to believe that no one would see me
because you know, I don't talk in class either and maybe I use pen because
I don't feel permanent but I want to?
And I think that maybe you're the sort of kid who'd understand?
Because people used to know my name, so we've got that in common, too.

So you know when the teacher tells us that we're all evil and
don't ask any stupid questions
(but there are no stupid questions, so isn't that a stupid thing to say?)
and sometimes she really is annoying and you just have to roll your eyes
and I know that I do
but do you?
I'd kind of like to know if you roll your eyes at her
so I'd know in my mind that if I wasn't rolling my eyes, I'd see you rolling yours
and maybe we could take turns some time.