summer comes with clouds
this year after a lukewarm winter
spent picking daisies and staring
longingly into fields of textbooks;

we are semi-petulant, partly asleep
after months of concrete hibernation:
now we can put colors on
now we can warm our faces without
flourescent lights.

he told me he wants to come on saturday
and i've always thought it was strange that
he never asked who else would be there
even though i said "we" about ten times

maybe no one picks up on things like that
unless they're me?

summer plans are mapped out on calendars
to find the optimal balance between
coy and carefree
since that's what it's all about
you know.

Thank you for reading and reviewing this year, everyone!! Tomorrow is another day with another anthology, which hopefully will be just as interesting and enjoyable as this one (maybe more so, since life is always better in the summer, right?). So if you want, head on over and check it out...

Or if you hate summer you can just wait until September when another cheeky story will open up on here called "Junior Year" ehh?