Tanzanite Tears: An Autobiography of Rhyming Words

A fragile butterfly with wings anew,

Tripping over nothing; stumbling through,

Never quite sure of her destination,

Running to shelter in a writer's creation,

Has it been a good life? She isn't sure,

"When God closes a window, he opens a door",

She finds comfort in words such as these,

When she's ridden with sadness and down on her knees,

Running away when life is unfair,

Completely dependant on others' care,

Drowning in the waves of a storm,

Try, desperately, to be in the "norm",

She listens to music sung by The Fray,

And hopes tomorrow will be a better day,

Trying to be content with what she has so far,

"As we lose the argument in a cable car",

Only God knows what the future holds,

She crosses her fingers as her life unfolds.