No One

She is no one,

Not worth any time,

Forever hated,

For an uncommitted crime,

She is nothing,

Living without reason,

Body cold as ice,

No matter the season,

She is nobody,

Her life fades to grey,

Waiting numbly,

To fade away,

She is no one's

She doesn't belong,

Tries to do right,

Always is wrong,

She is non-existent,

For ten years

Tired of shedding,

Useless tears,

She is non-living,

Since her father chose to drink,

She used to breathe,

She used to think,

She is unworthy,

Mind is knurled,

Safely hidden away,

In her own blank world,

She is unwelcome,

Connected to no one,

14 years old and empty,

Because of what her father's done,

She is no one,

Because when she was four,

Her father chose alcohol,

And murdered her.