Are you alive?

I want to wake up
I want to look at the girl in the mirror
'cause I know she's me and I'm her... together.

I want to choose a nice dress to put
and I want to brush my hair in a gorgeous ponytail,
I want to leave the shiny brush on the table
and paint my lips with a pink lipstick.

In reality I don't try to hide all the hurt I've gone trough
after all, I like the person who I'm...
Am I pretty now?

I want to take the camera with me
and take photos, everything can be beautiful.. I guess..
it was beautiful when the butterfly with yellow wings flew high
even if the sunlights burned its short life... it was beautiful... to me.

I want to meet my friends in the amusement park
and I want to ride a horse from the carousel
even if I'm not a child anymore.. 'cause it's not bad if I try to smile a lot.

But what I really want... it's... to be alive.