The leaves blow


Over my half-dead yard,

And I can't help but remember

The games we played

Back in fifth grade, when things were…


Imaginary lands would fly past

Our very fingertips,

As we danced and played in the

Shadows of the real world,

Because it was always just a game to us.

My hair would fly past my shoulders in fantastical

Burgundy tresses,

Always impossibly long,

Always getting prettier.

I would leap from tree to tree in joy

And my cool leafy


Would flow past my legs,

Camouflaging me from the

Other World

In a lacy green canopy,

Because after all,

I was the

Earth Faerie.

I called myself Ivy.

Childish giggles erupted freely from my throat

In those times,

And magic swirled

From my palms.

And I used it with skill and precision,

Without ever learning how.

Looking through the trees, my

More-than-perfect eyesight

Would catch a glimpse of orange,

Here there,

Gone there,

Back again,

Until finally the source of the glowing light would

Be right in front of me,

And I knew her,

And I was not afraid,

Because she loved me.

And her name was Ophelia,

And she was a Fire Faerie,

And she was my friend.

When the great northern winds struck a note,

We'd know who to thank.

It was her doing,

It was Sierra the Air Faerie's job to oversee the winds and the skies,

And she did it, and she did it well.

And Sami was responsible for the heat that

Let the universe thrive;

For the sun that warmed our backs and our wings,

And made it possible for us to live…

Or so she liked to think.

But we loved her as well, loved

Sami, our very own

Light Faerie.

And still yet, beyond the forces of our own realm,

Beyond my earth and

Ophelia's oceans and

Suni's lands and

Sierra's mountains

Lay the domain of Starr, the Space Faerie.

She had the greatest power of all, the power to

Zap us from our world of happiness and joy to

The next,

Of popularity and teachers and misery and rejectance.

She had a responsibility that none of us wished to bear,

And we never once questioned her ability to run

Our lands.

Until one day, she stopped being able to.

Light fell first.

Sami fought with Sierra,

A bitter battle of cutting remarks,

None of which I'd known could have existed in the dominion of our safety.

Finally she'd

Relinquished her powers to Space


Sierra was struck,

A broken shell of the girl she'd been before,

And she was in the shadow of her fellow fallen faerie.

I couldn't help her.

We knew it wouldn't be long before she'd left us alone,

Left our world for theirs,

Left the world we ruled together for one ruled by a select few.

Air fell next.

Starr was unquestionably to blame,

But where did such feelings belong in this land?

I tried to hide them,

To remove such thoughts of fault from my head.

But it was no use—

She had left us, too.

The night she left our world for the last time,

Whispering haughtily under her breath,

Was the time my dear friend Ophelia left, too.

Not out of admittance to what Starr had done to our perfect land, but

Out of defeat.

She was tired of living a broken magic.

She layed her powers to rest






Space fell. Fire fled. The world burned.

I was left.

Even now, as I look out of my grey,

Fogged-over window,

I wonder still—

Can we ever regain what we'd lost?

Can we ever be the blissful children we once were?

Can we ever have that magic back?

But I know the answer without having to ask anyone.

There can't be any magic

Without the people who make it.

I can't do magic alone.

That was the night I left my world to rot,

To stay and be still.

That was the night I stopped trusting our power,

My power,

To be stronger.

The leaves float past my window again, and I can't keep myself from wondering.

What would it be like

If the world had not


What would it be like to be simple again?