Very well, this is not the first story that I write in English, but is the first that is going to be published and NOT removed

Very well, this is not the first story that I write in English, but is the first that is going to be published and WONT be removed. So I'll be so honored if you read it even if it's not perfect, and what's more: you can even personal message me if you want to correct it, then, you can put your mail and be sure that no one but me is going to see it. Then I can send you the chapters or the story, 'because I actually don't know if it's going to be a long one shot or a novel. I guess that's something I'll have to see as I write the story.

Not an orphan.

Chapter 1

I'm not an orphan; I think you already got that right? I have a Mum and had a Dad. Though I have no idea were exactly my mum is, I know that wherever she is she is working for our goodness (yes our: my sister Lucy and me, Sara) and that she is deeply in love with us.

Or at least, that's what Grandma' tells us every day. She is very poor and bit old, but again, she works hard for our goodness and she loves us deeply, as does her friend Mónica.

Well, as I said, I'm Sara, I'm 17 and there's nothing more you would actually like to know apart of the fact that my father died the day before yesterday.

He, a man of hard working fell ill the past month and it was that strange illness what actually finished him.

He didn't own much money, and all he had was left for education and food mainly, so that's why he was so full of debts when he died. And as it's easy to figure out, my family is now in complete ruin, more than it was before, and yes, I had the opportunity to study in a quite good school, but now things have changed and the only way out of this is for my Grandma' to do as my mother and try to make it better somewhere out the country, maybe in USA, where I was born. That's why I speak in English, even if it's hard for me to do it, 'cause I've lived almost my whole life here in Colombia.

Unfortunately, we can't go with her, 'cause as I say before, there's no money and she can't stay, 'cause she may be picked by the police because of my father's debts. But she may travel to USA searching for some help 'cause, again, my family is American.

As we haven't got any more family in the entire world, there's nothing left but go to an orphanage, to a good one we've been told. In there, we'll have food, a roof, and (as my father would have liked) a good education.

We're on our way right now, but you shouldn't feel sad for us, because is better than going to a bad school and living in the streets.

It would be so dangerous for us to sleep in the streets, I know! For everyone is dangerous, but more for kids in Colombia, and what's more: if they have USA blood (for this effects, like it or not, capitalist blood).

Back to us, we're on our way, in a bus, and can't help myself but spend my time watching the awesome landscape. It's full of hills and mountains nicely decorated by trees and bushes.

The bus zigzags its way through the road. Lucy is sleeping next to me. I'm thinking about my friends back at my other school that had to leave in mid term.

I also think about the boy I like, he's called Sebastian, but I guess he doesn't sees me as more than friends. And very apart friends I have to say! He is one of those people I didn't tell I was leaving. I guess I won't care. Any ways, it's something I'll have to forget because there's no go back at least for a while.

I'm suppose to leave the orphanage next year, but I don't reckon I'll do, 'cause I just can't leave Lucy alone. She is only 5 and I don't want her to forget me, or our family, or worst: forget she HAS a family.

I still have my MP3 (I know, I know it's something old, but remember I'm not a powerful money owner) and my cell phone, but can't know if they're going to take it off from me. I'll do my best so that it doesn't happen, really, I'm so a no one without my music or my cell phone.

I stand up a bit to get a bit more comfortable. The bus is passing beneath some tall trees and its shadow feels fine in my skin.

Lucy wakes up and sits straight.

"Were are we going Sara?"

I have told her a thousand times we're going to a new home. But I guess she doesn't get the idea of what a new home is. 'Cause I guess you know, but a different home is not the same as a different house. At least, not this case.

This time, we're going to have a new house, it's true, but more important is the fact that we're going to have a new 'family' if that's how you can call an orphan.

"We're going to a new home?"

"A new house?"

I nodded; I guess that's just too hard for a small kid to understand the difference between those two concepts.

"And" she proceeded "Is it to far?"

"I don't know Lucy" I look through the window "I don't know"

The bus keeps going in its way, the humming noise doesn't stop. And things in my head began to change. I guess is because things are really going to change from no on. How can I possibly know how the future is going to be like?


And there it is! My very first chapter of my very first English fiction press.

I know! It's short, but is just the beginning.

Anyways. Remember I said I didn't know if it was going to be a story or a novel? Well, it's going to be a novel (here again, I think that you may already noticed that ¬¬), but a short novel I guess, no more than six chapters. Anyways: Who knows? If it really gets good, things can possibly change.

I'd like to know how you feel about it: If you liked it, if you didn't, If you think I'd better continue writing some pokemon fanfiction, or whatever you'd like to say, it can even not be related to the story at all, just REVIEW!

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