i. the banyan tree
jungle thoughts
seep/creep & climb through my wrists/through my blood/up to my brain,
growing orchids in my
(i wonder if they flower out my eyes when i look at you i wonder if i ought to look away i wonder if i ought to tilt my head to let them see the sun i wonder if i ought to plant them i wonder if i ought to let them
fade away.)
they are
down my arms, rooting through my ribcage
(i hope they make my veins green i hope they bloom all down my (finger)tip(toe)s i hope they keep me moving i hope they help me grow i hope they hold my hiding heart

ii. medic alert
they are holding signs in the night,
pointing the way to my hospital heart
even though each time you look at me,
you see right through the holes in my skin where
my veins were,
all the way to the other side of the world,
because everything there exists just like you needed—
no neon signs & liquid lines,
because you never mistake the way to my
hospital heart

iii. stitching my own wounds
if i close my eyes i'll never have to watch you leave,
(this will save me, i will save me, this will save me:
making music out of every fracture of my ribcage i will find melody in
the breaking of my bones, the s-s-s-skipping of my heart, the twists of my tangled veins.)
and all i wonder is if you think of me well while you are gone.