"Don't be afraid," I tell myself. "There's no reason for it. Why should there be? Nothing's wrong, and nothing will go wrong. Nothing can happen if you don't say anything."

"But then again, you should be afraid," another voice speaks within me now. "You should be terrified, because you will tell him. You have to say something to him. You can't just let it go now that you're completely sure of yourself. You must say something."

"But what do you say? What can you say to someone who doesn't feel the same way? What is there to say to someone that can make them see your innermost feelings and still want to be around you if they don't care too?" the first voice argues inside my head.

"You say whatever you need to say."

"But if you can't find the words, what do you do?"

"You write until the words you need are all in front of you That's when you tell him, when you've picked the right words for him to hear." The second voice is explaining everything so calmly inside, while my thoughts reel around these two voices in my mind.

"And if you pick wrong?" the first challenges.

"Then you hope that you can mend it. You tell him that you're sorry, and that you respect him enough to not move in on him. That you love him enough to let him go."

The second voice is right, I'm sure of it. But I can't be sure that I can find the right words. I'm so afraid that the wrong words will come out, just as the first voice in my head fears. Then we won't even have the friendship we have now.

"So don't challenge it! Leave what you have alone, and if he ever feels it, he'll come to you and show you that he loves you too," the first voice calls to me. It's right, I fear. I should just let what I have with him be what it is until it's meant to be something more.

"But you can't do that. You know you can't. Not now."

The words the second voice says are too painfully true. I can't just let him go. I have to do something. I have to tell him, and I'll tell him I'll respect him if he doesn't feel it too.

"I told you that you shouldn't have."

But I did anyways.

"You did what you had to do."

I know.

"You know it won't ever work."

"It will in time."

But I'm not sure anymore.

"Don't be afraid," the voices say in unison now. "You're only in love."

a/n: This line, "Don't be afraid, you're only in love", just came to me as I was watching TV (had nothing to do with what I was watching either...) and I got this great idea for a mental argument. The voices are switching off speaking to me, and I answer them with my own thoughts. They respond, and I decide to listen to the second voice. But the first was right. I shouldn't have said anything. In the end, I know that both the voices are right: I'm only in love.