Err, you guys(at school) read this. Umm, I didn't intend for you to read this. Jackson, maybe you ARE the hot European. And Isabel you aren't third wheelish at all, you are AWESOME! William, you aren't perverted because I don't think I could handle going out with you if you were like that. COUGH*JACKSON*COUGH. Ryan isn't gay and neither is Matthew. They are both rather cool. They would just be even cooler if they were gay. Johan you aren't okay looking to me anymore. And finally, Andrei is the coolest Romanian person I know, and I only know 1. And I should let you know that I only wrote some the of the descriptions. And I didnt include more people cause most of the time they aren't in the funny moments I was supposed to write about. I mean if you WANT me & Asia to continue with the descriptions just tell me. AND....I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. Who would you want me to describe anyway? But I think I have to revise everything now because I think of everyone differently now, and that is in a good way not a bad one. But generally, I think this one is funnier so I may just keep it here. I think that's it for the corrections to what I think of you now.

Jackson-The epitome of Catholic/European awesomeness. And not the hot European, either. Just Irish and stuff. Anyway, Jackson has dazling ice-blue eyes that look even better when he wears gray or black. (Though his gray shirt makes him look fat.) Another member of the Blonde People, he is most likely to end up a history or politics major. Medium height. Rather perverted but that makes him entertaining, although sometimes it can be quite revolting. He swims, and play baseball. He claims that he is a phenomenal swimmer but I have to see it for myself. But I am dreading seeing him shirtless and in those swimshort thingys you told me about. Welsh people may be attractive, Jackson, I just have to meet some more Welsh people.

Me(or T or Tiffany)- The quirky, odd, intense, slang-inept, blunt, insensitive, friendly, humorous, random, creative, forgetful, lazy, intelligent, flirty, young poseur. She has involuntary and sometimes downright scary daydreams, that she refuses to tell any body. T spends her time losing arguments, watching TV, talking to friends, getting beat up, and sleeping. She wonders about the future way too much. She may appear weird to strangers, but that s the entire reason she has friends. She asks way too many questions that not a lot of people have answers for. She has no need for labels, yet she calls herself a stranger( a new clique that she invented.) She feels bored at times which leads her to flirt with some of her male friends, most likely meaning William. She doesn't trust many people. She uses sarcasm rarely and when she does you can't tell if she is being serious. According to popular beliefs, she is very nice.

The Slightly Less Main Characters. (By that I mean less important than me and Jackson)

Asia- The slightly insane, insecure, judgmental, morbid, sarcastic, worrisome, unrealistic, phobic, controlling, obsessive, over dramatic, un-adhering, insomniatic, and sometimes rude girl who refuses to comply to anything (even if it is right), but is still my best friend. She has a life that she is intent on making seem like a soap-opera with secrets so dark, they are almost invisible. Asia spends most of her time watching old movies, daydreaming, reading, and finding new ways to prove to everyone how evil her older sister is; then compulsively wondering what to do with her life. She considers herself to be a "rambler." By this, she means someone who rambles on with a large vocabulary and incredibly strange personality. Along with me, gives everyone code names so they can be referred to in secret. Code names may also be used when the name of another is not known or if the person looks more like another name instead of their own (e.g., Lucas instead of Bryan/Brian.) Knows everything supposedly secret that may be going on from her never-ending stream of sources. Contrary to everyone's predispositions, she is actually very nice.

Eryk-Hefty boy of unknown origin. He may be slightly perverted, like William. He is William's best-friend. He replaced Andrei. Now Andrei is the hamster gnawing at their ankles. He gives very good piggy back rides. He has a strange fetish for weaponry. Despite this fetish, he is actually very nice and fun to talk to.

Ryan- Has soft hair and really pretty eyes. He is most likely the fastest reader in the entire school, though slightly immature and fixated on all things of Japanese origination. He may be overly sensitive and can get rude and impulsive at times, but Ryan has some deeper meaning. Wants to be an engineer.

Johan- German boy. He enjoys playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl, with Matthew and Ryan. He talks to David, Matthew alot. He is very fashionable rivaling Johnathan, but he lacks the modelesque qualities the Jonathan has. He is quite intelligent has most likely has a high I.Q.

Matthew- A tiny, rodent-like boy. He looks very young. He could probably pass off for 8 or 9. He has a strange fascination for anything Nintendo. Likes Mario and many other Nintendo characters. Unlike Ryan, is very mellow and non- confrontational.

William- sometimes the subject of Asia's intense loathing. He may look like Gaspard Ullieil in the far off future. Thinks he is insanely attractive just because he is Italian/German(Which he is). He is skinny and very tall, with dirty-blonde hair and brown eyes that shine like a male-model's in the sunlight. Extremely nice. Thinks he is imtimidating. Which he isn't. He currently is dating Tiffany. Andrei is his best friend, but he talks to everybody on this list.

Andrei: The prettiest non-blue eyes. They are a gray tornado with blue and green flecks and a golden ring around them. He has the softest hair, which he cut and refuses to grow back out, much to Asia's disappointment. Another Blonde Person. Awesome Romanian boy. Morae thinks looked like an omen child when he was a baby. Has the uncanny ability to hold grudges and can remember them when you want him to do something. When his is displeased, or angry at you his eyes bore into your inner being. This makes you feel very uncomfortable and nervouse like something bad is going to happen. This usually leads to you begging for his forgiveness. He will usually forgive you after numerous apologies.

Tosin: Boy of Nigerian and Tridadian descent. He is quite thin, despite the fact that he weighs alot. Tiffany tried to create a nickname for him but he refuses to accept her calling him that. The nicknames include: Tosinosterone Prince Tosin, and Toasty. Tiffany is partial to Tosinosterone. Tiffany formerly thought that his parents were African Mask makers, but apparently they are doctors. He wears her red women's jacket at school everyday. He looks better in it than she does.

Justin: Shameless flirter. Has the compulsion to wear other people's items, mainly scarves, and seems to enjoy asking if there is a restaurant located anywhere on the Eiffel Tower. When he speaks, his words are endless and slurred, which can be rather irksome. Doesn't like gay people or nail polish. Though he acts idiotic, he is surprisingly intellectual and athletic. Spends an excessive amount of time at the Galleria, supposedly "hanging out" with "a lot of people from White Plains." Justin likes to touch people; mainly by hugging them, holding their hand, and putting his arm around them. Could be like Jackson in his sense, who puts his arm around your waist at random times. Gets very frustrated and violent sometimes, but is much less annoying than he used to be.

Blonde People:

Charlotte: The leader. Her hair is rather nice. She has a collection of rather nice hair clips. Not sure what color her eyes are. Most likely blue. Controls all her lackeys (most notably Andrei.)

Mega: The best hugger ever. He is tall (William's height) and has some fascination with motorcycles or variations of the sort. His eyes are the 2nd best blue, rivaled only by Jackson. Mean, but in a nice way, if that's possible. He is violent. He went on an alleged gay escapade with an unknown male.



Heather: Only known to the rest of us by her affiliation with Charlotte. Her eyes go from blue to green to amber to hazel to light brown, then back again. Incredibly short with an abundance of pink clothing.

Other Blondes:

Jane- not blonde, but the opposite with black hair is south Korean and Charlotte's apparent best friend.


Isabel-AWESOMETASTICNICEATASTICNESS. Almost blonde but very light brown hair. . Semi- friends with Asia's sister and refuses to believe she is evil. Very nice.

Erika- William's former lackey and could like him. Not part of the BLONDE PEOPLE, but blonde nonetheless.

Ryan-refrains from contact with all other blondes, but associates with Matthew, his brown haired friend.