"She has pretty Shoes!"

"No, she has pretty pants!"

"Her hair is nice."

"Her lips are fine"

"Her eyes are endless."


"Well, her pants are quite divine—what is that style?"

"Her hair smells fresh. I wonder what shampoo she uses."

"Her ba-donka-donk is beautiful"

"So, immature."

"What? It is."

"So immature"

"Don't forget about her shoes."

"Her body's nice—nothing too special."

"She's as comely as an angel"


"That top is so fitting."

"Or rather her assets fit so well with that top—and bottom."

"Would you shut up?!"

"Hey! Don't forget about her shoes!"

"No one cares about her damn shoes!"



"Her pallor is as luminous as a midnight moon."

"I wonder what make-up she uses."

"She smells pretty."

"She looks hot."

"She seems like she has a lovely heart, and a friendly nature."





"Oh...I mean she has a grace as light and supple as a bird"

"She has pretty shoes."