Author's Note

I have good news and bad news.

I'll give you the bad news first.

The bad news is (and please don't hate me!) the progression of The Slave of Heaven is on temporary hold. That doesn't mean I've stopped writing on it! The problem is this: I've been so interested in the character interaction (mostly Lucien and Lilith),that I've failed to develop the underlining story—the plot drive of the book.

See, I COULD keep writing and just wrap it up (I'm coming close to the end), but I fear you the reader will be left feeling unfulfilled and frustrated. I need to create enough of an underlining drive that, once resolved, the reader will feel like you've actually moved somewhere in the story. The story itself is, of course, a series, but I still want the first book to end with enough of a closing that at least you'll feel like there was a mild conclusion and a reason you labored through the book.

As such, I really need to develop both Anu and the Spirits a bit more. To do that I had to go back a little and re-write. I actually like Anu and I think you the reader will too, once he's developed a bit.

Also, a major problem, most first time authors have a limit of 120 thousand words. Yeaaaah, I'm at about 175K now. I might be able to swing 140K (Twilight was 140K, I believe, and that was Meyer's first book, so it can be done!) but I still needed to take out a lot in the beginning.

So here's where the GOOD news comes in.

I've been writing like crazy for two weeks. I haven't just tweaked the story here and there, I've actually done a lot of new scenes and took out a lot of old ones (and combined a bit of both). I'm already working on Chapter 18 and I've been putting in long hours of writing (like 6-8 hours a day. No joke.) I start school soon but the good news also is that the second part of the book doesn't need AS MUCH of re-writing as the first. So really I hope to be finished with the re-write in 2 WEEKS, 3 at the most (fingers crossed!). Then I'll be right back onto the progression of the story.

The Prologue and Chapter 1 are pretty much the same but the new material starts after Chapter 1 with some slight changes in 2 and 3, a little in 4 and 5, and more so in 6 and on. The concert is similar still, though, which is why I was able to get through that a bit faster.

And here's where I want to express my heart-felt apologies. I truly understand how frustrating this must be for you as readers. A lot of you have stuck it out with me for, what, forty-something chapters now? I can't imagine how annoying and frustrating it must be to be asked to wait a little longer. I can only ask that you give me a little time. I truly hope that you will continue to read and wait for me, but I can fully understand if you don't want to. THANK YOU so much for reading up to this point and for all the reviews, PMs, and support. You have no idea how much it has motivated me.

I do have a request, though. I AM posting the re-write, and will continue the story there. For those who would really like to help me, I would love it if you would read over the re-write. Someone once wrote me to tell me that FictionPress is like my canvas and I should use it to my advantage. So I hope that some of you may feel inclined to read my re-write, the new scenes, and just the general changes in the story and offer me your feedback. (For those who are curious about the Nephilim culture, or enjoy it, there are more scenes for you to read).

I am open to ALL feedback, both positive and negative. I'm willing to take everything into consideration.

The re-write is here:

www. fiction press .com/s/2627425/1/The_Slave_of_Heaven_ReWrite

I'll be posting the new chapters there once I continue with the re-write but I'll also post an UPDATE her for those who have me on alert telling you when the progression has started up again.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you'll stick it out with me a little longer. I'm really very sorry to have to do this for you, but I just feel the story and ending will be so much better this way. Plus I need to know where I came from before I can continue and know where I'm going.

Thanks and if you do read the new stuff, please review!