Welcome to Nafru-Jaq!!


"She's waking up! We must get ready, up, up, up she's getting!" A pesky voice said. I moaned and rolled over, rubbing my nose.

"Ahh!" A collective shout called out, but it sounded as if the voices were on helium. I winced and opened one eye, only to close it again due to bright blue fluff that had abruptly stabbed it.

"Hmagradoing?" I managed, and sat up with some difficulty. Keeping my injured eye closed, I peered through the darkness.

"Is anyone there?" I asked, squinting.

"Down here! You're squishing Trufu! Squish, squish, squish you are!" The same helium voice said, coming from beside me on my bed. I raised my eyebrows, sure I was still asleep, as I saw a troll doll in all of his neon pink hairy awesomeness hopping nervously from foot to plastic foot. His head was bobbing up and down as he waved his arms frantically towards a little puff of blue hair sticking out from under my thigh.

"Oh. Sorry," I said, grabbing the hair and pulling.

"OWW!" Came a tiny, high-pitched cry. I hastily let go of the blue scraggle.

"Have no respect? You need be nice, nice, nice! Our new queen you are!" The little guy, Trufu, said. He put his plastic hands on his hips and huffed. I burst out laughing.

"RAIN STORM!" The other doll screamed, and dove under my sheets. Trufu yelled and ran around in circles. I stopped hooting to rub my chin, where I found spittle. Oh.

"We must hurry! Dreel, Dreel, Dreel, take her must we now!" Trufu called, pointing at me and hopping.

"Your majesty, reveal your jewel holder!" Cried Trufu, running towards my stomach. When I just sat here, he huffed again and tugged at my nightshirt until my belly button was revealed.

"Perfect... it's inny, inny, inny!" Dreel said, rolling over a plastic ruby. With the two's combined efforts, they rolled it up my skin and into my belly. Trufu and Dreel grinned, and then they each took a finger of mine.

"You're done! Ready, ready, ready you are!" They cried in unison, hopping in glee.

"Plug your nose and hold your breath, madam!" I complied, unsure of what else to do, half in shock due to the talking toys. I blinked once, and as my eylids opened again, I found that instead of being in my room and in my bed I was now somewhere much different. The ground I sat on was hard, and I looked down to see it was made of Pez candies. The bright purple sky above me was freckled with whisps of cotton candy, and there were lolli pop trees and cookie dough bushes.

"Am I in Candy Land?" I asked Dreel who was dancing besides me.

"Oh, no no no. That's the next town over! You're the queen, queen, queen of Nafru-Jaq you are!" He said.

"O--kay..?" I said, standing up. A huge helium roar came as I did so, and I turned around to fin a sea of neon hair. Millions of trolls sat there, dancing and hopping as they cheered.

"Why am I your queen?" I asked Trufu, who was standing on my shoulder. He laughed.

"Your hair, majesty!" He cried, and the crowd all shouted, "To the hair!" I was confused, but when I looked at a reflection of myself in a nearby kool-aid pool, I gasped. My hair was a tangled, frizzy mess and nearly stood straight up. Pretty much the worst bedhead. EVER. The trolls continued their strange dancing, never stopping their chant 'To the hair!'

"OW!" I cried, and blinked open my eyes. The trolls had disappeared, and my cousin kicked me again.

"Lizard! Stop. You'll never guess what just happened," I said, and she sat up drowsily.

"Don't tell me. You're the queen of Nafru-Jaq?" She guessed, and my mouth dropped open.

"How did you know?!"

"You talk in your sleep. So I kicked you."

"No, really, I'm their queen! They need me! My hair is their ambition!!"

"Um... go to sleep."

"Fine," I mumbled, rolling over. I swear to this day that I saw a ball of blue bouncing out of the door.


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