Mitch sat in his chair frigidly, poking his food around his plate and ignoring the conversation around him. Glancing up, he found Cassie smirking at him from across the table, and he glared back. She seemed to have realized recently that she frustrated him, and found much joy in knowing it. Mitch felt like he was in a war with her, and he was losing. Badly.


"Huh?" he said, glancing at his mother.

"I asked if you were going to eat your dinner or not," Ophelia sighed.

"Right..." he muttered, jabbing his fork into a piece of meat and shoving it into his mouth.

They were all at Ophelia's house for dinner, along with Cassie's parents. It was mostly the folks doing the talking while Mitch and Cassie tried to act like neither of the other existed. He was still feeling sore about the coaster incident while she was irritated at him for his untidiness.

"So Cassie, how is living with Mitch? I hope he hasn't been too much trouble," said Ophelia. Mitch frowned at his mother for talking as if he were a five year old being babysat by Cassie.

"The house is lovely. We're sharing the chores around the house," Cassie smiled at her. Mitch noticed she hadn't really answered Ophelia's question and had to suppress a grin at knowing he was infuriating her just as much as he was to her.

"Mitch doing chores? That's a first," said Ophelia, smiling at her son, who grimaced in return.

"Well Cassie has always been one for cleanliness," said Roxanne, patting her daughter on the shoulder.

"He's doing fine," said Cassie.

"Yes I'm learning so much from her," Mitch drawled, but only Cassie seemed to have caught his tone, though it didn't seem to bother her as there was a hint of a smile on her face.

"It's so nice to see the both of you getting along with one another," Roxanne gushed.

"Yeah, before you know it we'll be the best of friends..." Mitch murmured.

Mitch thought that Roxanne and George seemed like lovely people. He could see that Cassie got her good looks from her mother. George hadn't said much throughout dinner, so Mitch was generally fine with him. But he thought he would have liked Roxanne better if he hadn't known she had a part in setting Cassie up with him.

The rest of the dinner conversation continued with minimal contribution from Mitchell, who was sulking the entire time. He couldn't wait to get this over with so he could go home. Then he remembered that she'd still be there when he got back to the apartment. There was simply no getting rid of her.

"I'll clean up," said Cassie, standing up once dinner was over.

"Oh no dear, guests don't do dishes. I'll take care of those," said Ophelia, stacking up the plates. "Mitchell, why don't you show Cassie the rooftop garden? I'm sure she'd love that."

Mitchell glared at his mother, who ignored him and carried the dishes into the kitchen, telling Roxanne and George to make themselves at home.

Mitch walked out of the apartment without a word and Cassie followed behind him.

The scene from the rooftop garden was indeed breathtaking, especially since it was overlooking the bustling New York City. Cassie leaned against the railing, letting the wind whip her hair while Mitch stood behind her, his hands shoved inside his pockets.

"So...what do you work as?" Cassie asked, turning around to look at him. She thought they might as well say something to each other since they were here alone, and he obviously was not going to start the conversation. And for two people living together, she realized they didn't know much about each other.

Mitch seemed to be contemplating whether or not to answer her or continue ignoring her.

"Restaurants," he said.

"How specific," Cassie rolled her eyes.

"I own restaurants," said Mitch, glaring at her.

"Ah, that would explain all the money you've got," she said. "And why you wouldn't get married."

"How does that explain it?" asked Mitch, coming over and leaning against the railing as well, but making sure to keep a distance between himself and Cassie.

"Well rich men think that just because they've got lots of money, women will flock towards them. So why get married when they could have their pick, one girl every week right?" said Cassie.

"We don't think that, we know it," Mitch smirked.

"So you never plan to get married?" she asked.

"I might if I meet the right girl. But it's hard to know when they're with you for your money or you," he shrugged. "What about you? There's obviously something wrong with you too if your mother felt the need to set you up with me."

"There is nothing wrong with me!" she snapped. "My mum just has this stupid idea that I'm in depression and wouldn't date any guy."

"Why would she think that?" Mitch asked, raising his eyebrows.

Cassie opened her mouth to answer him, but seemed to think better of it and shut it again

So the girl had a past, an ex boyfriend probably, Mitch figured.

"Do you think you'll ever get married?" he asked.

"Eventually," she replied.

"Marriage is too overrated. At the end of the day it's just a piece of paper that proves you're together. Who needs that?"

"If you want a sense of security you'd want that. It's symbolic of your relationship as well."

"It's a load of crap. And a waste of money just to have a symbol of an official relationship. There's the engagement ring, and then the wedding, and the honeymoon. All a waste of money," said Mitch.

"You're generous," Cassie rolled her eyes. She had a habit of doing that, Mitch realized, being sarcastic and rolling her eyes at him.

"Yeah well, I just don't see any point in that," he said.

"And you wonder why you can't get married," she said.

"I don't. My mother does. That's why you're living in my apartment now, isn't it? So you can somehow lure me into the marriage trap?" he replied. Cassie laughed at that.

"I assure you I have no intention of doing any of that. Goodness knows how our mothers expect their plan to succeed. Besides, I can't see how I could ever stand living with a pig like you," she said.

"And I can't see how I could ever stand living with a neat freak like you," he said.

"You're rude."

"You're a perfectionist."

"What's wrong with that?"

"Nothing can be perfect."

"Doesn't mean you can't work to be as close to perfection as you can."

"So I suppose that's what you're doing? Searching for the perfect love out there?"


"Well good luck, cause there's no such thing. And that guy, thankfully, will never be me."

"Excellent, cause I never want it to be you."

"Good, I see we've reached an understanding," said Mitch.

Cassie smiled. "So what's this? Like a truce or something?"

"Will you take down those hideous curtains?" he raised an eyebrow at her, and Cassie laughed.

"Not a chance."

"Fine, I guess a truce is better if we're going to be living together for a while," he said.

"Great, so we mutually agree that we will only ever be acquaintances, or at the most friends, but never ever fall in love with each other?" said Cassie.


Cassie grinned and held out her hand. Mitchell glanced at it for a while, before reaching out and grasping it, feeling the smoothness of her skin under his rough and calloused hands. And they shook on it.

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