To Biology
By: MellowYellow

Bio, bio,
Why do you hate me so?
Bio, bio,
Oh, where did my brain go?

You've killed my mind,
You've made my teeth grind,
Yes, you really are one of a kind.

Bio, bio,
Please tell me why
You came into my life
And made me bid everything goodbye.

Sleepless nights,
Cups of coffee,
Textbooks galore,
Boxes of Softee…

Bio, bio,
And now you're gone.
I've met your dear friend, Chemistry,
Farewell and so long.

My sanity's been abducted,
My computer has been corrupted,
The frog has been dissected,
So now, it's time for it to be resurrected.

Bio, bio,
With great regret, I say,
It's only now that I see
How useful you can actually be.

Author's Notes:

1. This was written for Biology class…since September is science month, we had to either, design a poster, write an essay, or write a poem. Obviously, I chose poem-writing. XD

2. A very big thank you to my friend, Reg Rina for inspiring me! (She's currently writing Algebra's love letter to Biology as we speak xD)

3. Softee is a brand of tissue, if you didn't know…

4. In our school, first years and second years take up biology and when we get to third year, we start taking up chemistry instead…CHEMISTRY HAS A CAMEO HERE!!