twenty six minutes past four in the morning
your voice is sweeter to hear than honey on my lips
i've loved every second of this.
please don't leave, even if your dreary eyes
are calling you to a safe bed
i hope my words will be more comforting
than your blue silk sheets

thirteen minutes into the night
the laugh that falls out of your mouth
makes my lips curl into a grin
i don't want to be a minute without this.
the promises you left at my feet
were like pieces of your golden heart
given to me, to keep

one minute left
while my mind is scattering,
your eyelids are fluttering
i just loved every moment with you.
the dusk has completely fallen
and with seconds to spare
my smiles are falling as well...

tick, tick, tick
i've wasted so much time before
yet now i find myself grasping the air
begging the clock to turn back
even if we need sleep tonight,
i don't want to be without you.

good-bye, for now.