there's a burning itch inside me,
one i can't seem to control.
and that burning itch inside me
is quickly taking its toll.

it wants me to pull my hair out,
eyebrows and eyelashes, too.
and though every time i'm filled with doubt,
that itch says i'm long overdue.

i try my best to ignore it,
but that stupid hair looks so wrong.
and i know i swore i'd quit,
but those vows never last for long.

'cause all it takes is one short hair,
and already i've lost five more.
i'll stop when i get to ten, i swear,
like that's ever really worked before.

later when i'm out of the shower,
i look in the mirror to blow-dry my hair.
and it only took a quarter hour,
but my eyelashes, there's nothing there.

so i use eyeliner to pretend it's real,
brow pencil 'cause i screwed up there, too.
and though people rarely ask what's the deal,
this fear i feel is nothing new.

'cause i want so badly to stop,
i'm sick of being scared of the pool.
and i want so badly to stop,
but my life's what trich wants to rule.