His spirit always surrounds me

Teasing and taunting at times

Finally showing himself at the most inconvenient moments

He watches my struggles and laughs

Seeing what I'll do without him

Needing to know he's needed

Needing a tormenting amount of proof…

At last he will come

A soft whisper in my mind

A gentle force guiding my hand

Until my writing isn't mine at all

But someone else's entirely – his.

My mind is controlled and I have little will of my own.

Things flow so easily

Like water off a cliff

Just flowing and flowing

No destination

But knowing it'll get there anyhow

No feelings of perfectionism

Or even trying to make sense

He knows I'll sort it out eventually

His loopy, slanted writing that is nothing more than a stream

A stream of consciousness –

The colors of his eyes

Swirling and sending me to another world

Another Realm

His Realm…

Where the words flow freely

Like water cascading down a fall

Like the ink from a pen draining out

Creating unknown words on the page

Unknown thoughts in my brain

An unknown whisper in my ear

Guiding me…

I escape into his Realm

Till he begins to pull away

He cannot leave without a cheerful farewell

It's not the end

He'll be back soon

In fact, he never left

Just lingers constantly at my side

Taunting and teasing, but he knows he's mine.