It's back

It's back

The old urge

Thought I'd lost it

In a splurge

But it's back

And so I purge-

Sweeping sand across the land

A makeshift love, a peacetime hand

Grabs us, conscious, by our thrills

Brings becoming, leaves with hills

Across the Kingdom, on the mountain

The King is speaking in false latin

Casts a spell and parts the fields

A fireball burns off their yields

Wicked magic, from beyond

Hits, but he just whispers, yawns

Reverie eyes in still regret

Foaming lips are separate, wet

Skin is tarnished, smudged and blotted

Throne collapsed, flag is spotted

Falls to knees clutching his hilt

Calls to ease his maddened guilt

As doorway shatters, party enters

A rogue, a dwarf, and his old mentor

Behind them parts the lingering shadow

Wispy smoke, a man on saddle

Young and eager, when he left

News of death, the father wept

They meet now as he dismounts

Casts his cloak, and then he mouths

A lullaby they used to share

In times of splendor, grand and fair

From King's throat, a rasp, a remnant

Both men grasp their emerald pendants

When was this real, this love, this boy

When did his mind abandon joy?

Thinks back to when his wife died

Then Kingdom, all, except him, cried

His face just hardened, drawing back

Defenseless from this one attack

Now his people are his mules

Rebelling with their only tools

Against a tyrant, cold, disgusted

Not father, King, just soul encrusted

He shakes his head as son comes closer

Kneeling down, he clasps his shoulder

Looking up, weak and afraid

Like light, boy's eyes shine outward, brave

His son is weeping, son is crying

Knows he, now- his father's dying

With one last look into both eyes

The King does smile before he dies

A silence spreads, his friends are quiet

Heads cast down, this, none can fight it

Tears fall free to carpet, black

As son lifts father on his back

A journey takes him to the meadow

Through trees shine sunlight, soft and mellow

A prayer, a hymn, the country prays

As son kneels quiet at the graves

Grabs his sword, looks at the sky

He must now fly, he must now try