We have pasts that we've buried

It was watched, by the moon alone

With our backs to the moonlight
We bury our bitter "memories" deep
Deep into the night
Inside the inescapable darkness

Perhaps those "memories" blinded us
And we've forgotten
The most obvious of things

Like seeing the moon in the day time
Like the moon left behind in the blue sky

We come to a realization
And look to the heavens
And when those times come…
…we'll call them "keepsakes"

Though we wish for darkness' embrace
And wound rather see nothing
The moon illuminates our scars
And we still fear things in shadows

Even now
We are still waiting (waiting, waiting)
Waiting for morning (morning, morning)

The sun is slowly rising
Perhaps sunlight will turn us to ash
We can only live life facing forward

The moon wasn't the only one watching

I can only live my life facing forward