Hey folks. Another song I thought up for the express purpose of turning it into an album. On my profile I'm going to make a list of all the seperate albums and the songs I want on them, in order, so check that out if you're curious. it'll also give a preview to songs I haven't written yet. Anyways, this is about the rejected inheriting the earth at it's next turning point. Hope you can enjoy it.


Scream to the sound!!
Thrash to the beat!!
Move to the footfalls,
Of a thousand rotting feet!!
Ignore the pleas for silence!!
Sleep is for the weak!!
Stand in awe of grinning death!
In awe of those once meek!!

When all is said and done!
When this finally fucking crumbles!
Who do you think will have won!?
The rich or those who've struggled?!

The winds, will guide you...
But they won't keep you safe.
This death will find you!
But He offers no embrace!
Obey the, call of darkness!
We find our strength in weakness!
The corpse-breath shakes the dried bones!
You've lost yourself and it shows!

When there's no cars or cell-phones,
Will you make it past your door?
Soon money will mean nothing,
Surrender to the poor!
This is not your world, anymore!!

When all is dead and gone!
When this world finally fucking crumbles!
It will be the dead who've won!
Punished for all our troubles!

To be alive!!
Is just a lie!
You can't make us waste our time!!
We've slaved away!
To survive another day!
We don't have to fucking wait!
Up from the dirt!
We return!
Now our, corpses inherit the earth!
But even death can't stop this hurt...