Time After Time

Chapter One


'Aaah….I'm so glad I was able to finish all that…' I breathed to no one in particular. I was in the bathroom.

I stretched my arms out a bit. I really had had an exhausting day. I never thought I would be able to finish the homework I had piled up so far.

Tucking the last strand of hair into a clip to make sure it didn't fall on my face while I slept, and, having nothing better to do, pouted a little. Heh, don't look at me, I loved hogging the mirror. It was an old habit that I wasn't about to break. Everyone has their little secrets whims. I took in my appearance one last time. Black hair, black eyes, slightly bushy eyebrows trimmed into a complying shape, button nose, pouting lips…yea I was still pouting. Smirking at my own joke, I flung my waist length hair towards the mirror with a flourish, and walked out of the bathroom, and went to my mother's .room. 'Goodnight Ma. I said'.

'Goodnight hun.' she said, absent-mindedly, watching the rerun for a music reality show we had already watched earlier. I laughed internally. My mother was a music lover, and I was much the same. While I never learnt music or any of the technicalities involved, I had a natural flourish for understanding music and spent much of my time either listening to music or singing along with it. Another secret habit…well, it wasn't as well-kept of a secret, as I tended to sing everywhere, regardless of the place and situation, at least if I was in a happy and bored state.

I skipped off to my room and turned the lights off. I could feel the exhaustion overwhelming me from the day's work, and while I would normally listen to music until I was dozing off to sleep, today, I didn't need that. I was already dozing.

Sighing, I slipped under the covers. I almost fell asleep, when my mobile started vibrating under my pillow. Groaning, I answered the phone. 'Hello?' I said.

'What are you -like- going to wear tomorrow? A girl's voice squeaked. I groaned again. 'What's the matter with you, Claire? My school uniform, duh!' I said irately.

'But it's Black Day tomorrow!' Claire squeaked, I little louder then I would have liked. I was getting more and more annoyed with her, as I felt my sleepiness creep away from me. 'Look, I'm too tired to dress up tomorrow. I'll wear my uniform. It will save me some time from having to pick an outfit in the crack of dawn.' I said exasperatedly. 'But your wardrobe is -like- full of black clothes, and you look soo good when you dress up.' Claire said squeaking sadly. I could almost picture her pouting. 'Can't be bothered for tomorrow at least. I'm sorry if I sound rude, but I'm really sleepy right now. I talk to you tomorrow. Sweet dreams.' I said dully. 'BUT-' Claire started to squeak again, but I cut her off, and shut my phone. I turned it off and flopped around my bed to get a comfier position.

Finally satisfied that I regained some comfort, my mind drifted to how my life had turned out so far. I had great friends, though some of them were, admittedly, stupid, and I had wondered more then once, why I was their friend. In my defense, the only thing that I can say, is that I was no way near like them. While they were squeaky, like Claire, I was sarcastic and hyper at the same time. It was an odd mixture but I needed the sarcasm in order to retain my sanity. My hyper personality, which consisted of talking a lot loudly and use my imagination to the extent where I confused myself, made other people either instantly weary or curious of me. People who had eventually accepted me as a different kind of person often had quirky personalities of their own, which not only made me feel less out of place but also amused me to no end. I sighed. My life was comfortably placed, and while it wasn't perfect, it wasn't imperfect. 'Uh oh' I winced internally. I was going down the same thought process that would eventually lead me to things that I didn't want to think about. I tightened my arm and leg muscles and pulled a pillow close to me. I shut my eyes tightly and tried to drift off to sleep. 'No more thinking for you.' I reprimanded myself, visualizing my English teacher. I snickered in spite of myself. No longer feeling as sad as I had been a moment ago, I drifted off to sleep.


I was startled out of my sleep as I felt a kind of vibration. I blinked rapidly and looked around. My room was small so I it didn't take me long to find the source. It wasn't my mobile.

Suspended about a meter away from feet, stood tall gateway. At first glance, it looked a picture frame, with bits of green sparks flicking unthreateningly along the sides. Nothing could be seen on the other end except for a pitch darkness. I looked up to the top of the frame, and saw something I didn't notice before: a large, neon green number was floating just above the gateway. '60', the number registered in my brain, then my eyes widened as the number started to decrease, as though it was a countdown.

I realized that the gateway was giving me time to sort my thoughts. I had to make a choice: live my life normally or explore the unknown. What would anyone have done in my case? I had never been afraid of death and I really had no one that I was attached to except my mom. I quickly got up and ran to my desk and jotted down 'Don't worry Ma, I'll be back. Take care of yourself.' and taking a deep breath, turned back to the gateway. '20' blared the number. I walked through the gateway just as the number struck '1'. I always was punctual.


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