Another depressing song about shit that ceased to matter a long time ago. But I still like it, so I'm going to keep it up even though I'm over the girl I wrote it about. Enjoy.


Time standing still, but still moving faster...
Someday I will, but someday could be never.
And I can't believe, how badly I miss her!
I might forgive... But I'll always remember!

I've never lived, but I will die for you!
In a world I hate, I swear that I love you!
I'm shattered again, but I'll gather the fragments!
Pieces so sharp, are gripped too tight in my hands!
I deserve nothing more...

I wanna cry, but I hide behind laughter!
Things that were bright, have lost all their colour!
Summer is gone, these days just get colder...
I know I was wrong! Please don't let me die here!!

I've never lived, but I will die for you!
In a world of hate, I promise I love you!
I'm broken again, but I pick up the fragments!
The edges so sharp, are tearing through my hands!
You deserve so much more...

Than me... I'm only little pieces.
Just leave... I'm clearly fucking useless...
I've made mistakes, but nothing like this one!
What else can life take, besides my soul and my vision?!
My hopes, my world, my empty fucking dreams!
My voice, my light, my tortured dying screams!

What do I have, left?

I'll never live... But I will die for you.
In this world I hate, I swear that I love you...
I'm destroyed again, but I'll sweep up the fragments.
Just go away... Leave me to my darkness!
You deserve, so much...