Stimulus: How can I tell you just all that you are, what you do to me?
– Better than Drugs by Skillet –

Perfection is hard to come by. It is a rarity that does not often embrace itself upon ordinary people. And yet here you are before me...

...and so many others of course. I don't think anyone quite comprehends the way you make me feel, the power you hold over me like a spell that captures and clutches onto my soul, not allowing me to leave you alone. Not even I fully understand the enigma of my heart so I doubt they do.

What confuses me the most, other than the mystery that surrounds your aptness and wonder, is that I don't want a relationship. I spent most of my life wishing I had someone beside me and then I realised that it wasn't what I needed to make me feel complete. So why do I feel so empty without you?

I'm secretly telling myself that you are the only one I would go out with if I was asked, though of course the chances of that happening are incredibly slim. I can dream though.

I make myself go to sleep in the anticipation that I will dream of you, knowing that when I wake it will only be a little while before I see you again. Hopefully at least. We seem to have a way of bumping into each other more and more these days and I am just waiting for the day you ask me if we can have a scheduled meet. These dreams give me sustenance.

They are better than drugs. After all, if reality cannot be the way I want it to be then what better way to spend my life than in another world? The amazing little world that I created where I have everything I want.

I have a phenomenon just within my reach...

But it'll never be. We are too similar, you and I. We would be too perfect...

A/N: I wrote this in a Chemistry lesson so please do not judge the length or the quality if it is poor, which it no doubt is. I just had to write this as I had the song going round and round and round and round (and round!) in my head. Please review :)

God Bless You
- Holli x