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Chasing August

Chapter 1

Ashley felt the power wash over him like a tidal wave that carried him down deeper into the inescapable throws of passions. His body heaved as he gasped for air, flexing his legs around the tapered waist that he rode vehemently. His core was throbbing with indescribable desire that choked him up, making it hard to breath or even moan. His hands clawed at Laurence's back as he felt his loins spark with fire, his balls tightening with the urge to release. He was close, so very close.

Before he could release though Laurence pulled out and roughly flipped him over onto his stomach, pressing his hand to the back of Ashley's head. Taking the silent command, to enthralled in his desire to complain, he shifted to his hands and knees and lifted his bottom up with his legs spread as far as they would go. With out word Laurence filled Ashley once again with a hard thrust of his hip, keeping a hand pressed to Ashley's head while the other gripped with bruising force to his hip.

It only took a few more thrusts before the man above Ashley came with a staggered groan, erratically thrusting into him to push deeper and deeper. Ashley on the other hand though, could still feel his need pulsing between his legs painfully. When the hand from his head was removed he looked back over his shoulder with a pleading gaze and whimpered desperately, "L-Laurence."

Panting the bronze haired man above him threw a distant stare at the other before grunting in response. He hunched over Ashley, who remained on all fours, and laid his heavy body along the span of the slightly smaller man's back. With hands that had become clumsy with exhaustion, he groped for the hard rod that pulsated between Ashley's legs. Once he curled his fist around it he gave several tugs, not taking as much care as he had before when he had been penetrating the boy.

Ashley didn't complain though, instead rocking his hips into the grasp as he tried to get himself off. It took a bit longer then the other, but he felt his body tighten up once more and gave a strangled moan before releasing into the other man's hand with a powerful jet.

When the last of his orgasm had tapered off into a sedated tingle that ran from his toes to his head he collapsed onto the bed and rolled over onto his back. Laurence rolled to his side beside Ashley and groped along the nightstand beside their bed for a crumpled pack of Marlboro One Hundreds. His cropped hair was tussled and slicked back with sweat, a few strands dangling in front of his rich baby blues. Ashley had fallen in love with him because of his eyes; wide, oval shaped orbs the brightest shade of blue he'd ever seen. They reminded him of the Caribbean ocean, outlined with a dark shade that made them glow.

"What?" Laurence said around a cigarette, eyeing Ashley with a slightly annoyed look. The smaller man flushed when he realized he was staring and shook his head quickly, "Nothing, I was just thinking."

Ashley sighed softly and rolled over on the bed, swigging his slender legs over the mattress and onto the floor. He slipped from the covers and padded to the bathroom, not worried about his nudity. He closed the door behind him and started the shower, his mind whirling with thoughts over the recent night and what had lead to a slightly more violent love making session then he was use to.

He stood in front of the mirror and observed the scratches and bites that had been left over his body from Laurence. At thirty-one, Ashley Wilcox still had the body of a boy that was half his age. He was slim, built like a swimmer with a set of broad shoulders, a strong chest, and sharp hips that ran down to slim muscled legs. He was defined by the delicate tracing of muscularity, set with a pair of hard abs and strong arms. His face was long and often times described elfish with his delicate features such as a sharp chin, high cheekbones, and a narrow nose that held the faintest tilt upwards.

His lips were thin, his bottom slightly fuller then the top, and his eyes were set evenly apart in a narrow almond shape. They were a bright golden hazel laced with blonde lashes that came from his wheat gold hair.

He could see a bruise forming from where Laurence had gripped his hip. He sighed and stepped under the hot spray of the showerhead. His hair dusted just past his ears in a stylish crop that cost him more money then he really could afford on a teacher's salary.

Everything had started when Laurence had left for a meeting with his Grandmother's lawyer. Ashley wasn't sure what the meeting had been for but as soon as Laurence had returned the younger man could sense a drastic change in his lover's mood. They had been together for almost five years and during that time Ashley had only met Laurence's sister and nephew. He knew the family was large, but Laurence kept his family seperated from his current life. Or at least that was how it seemed until now.

He stepped out of the shower and quickly dried off, dropping the soiled towel in the hamper on his way back to bed. He slipped in and looked to his lover who was already working on his second cigarette. The Alabama breed man was a chimney stack and Ashley knew if anything killed him it be lung cancer.

Laurence blew out a thin trail of smoke and looked back to Ashley, once more saying in a short tone that was laced with the traces of a southern draw, "What?"

"Well?" Ashley said, pulling the blankets over him.

Laurence lifted a brow and snorted, "Well what?"

"What did your grandmother say?" Ashley urged, studying the other man's hard featured face. Where Ashley was soft muscle, pale complexion, and delicately featured Laurence was hard tone, tanned, and sharply angled. The man was robust with a wider set of shoulders and a barreled chest. His tan though was a mystic and far from the real thing. He had a squared off jaw, thin lips, and a large angular nose that set well on his handsome face.

They were both well-toned men, but compared to Laurence Ashley felt as if his visits to the gym were pointless. He guessed he had what some men would call vanity muscle where Laurence was just built thickly.

Laurence snorted once again and blew out a thick cloud of smoke, "The old bitch. She needs to hurry up and croak."

Ashley grimaced, "Laurence… she's your grandmother."

"So?" Laurence hissed, brow twitching with confined anger towards the aging woman. Ashley squirmed underneath the blankets, "What did she say?"

Laurence stubbed his cigarette out, taking his anger out on the poor cigarette bud before turning his sharp eyes to Ashley. He drew in a few calming breaths before saying, his twang slightly thicker with his rage, "Before I can get a lick of her inheritance I have to find myself a suitable bride and settle down."

Ashley felt his mouth go dry. He looked at the taller man and then around their apartment room. Against the moonlight the white walls seemed pale silver, but during the day the walls were a pristine eggshell white that Laurence had picked out. He had decorated the room, Ashley barely having a hand in the interior design. Not that he minded much; he had never been one for design and fashion. But he still wished he could add a bit of his own flavor; a few of the items he had in storage.

He ran his hand over the cream and gold comforter and turned to look up at Laurence, "What did you say?"

"Not much I could say. There's no haggling my way through that. If I ever want to see that money, and believe me I do, I'm going to have to settle," Laurence grumbled with out remorse. Ashley blinked and studied him, "So what are you saying? That you're going to go off and marry some girl?"

Laurence flicked his gaze to Ashley and gauged his expression carefully, raking his hard stare over the other man's scrunched features before softening his own blue eyes, "Baby, now you know me better then that."

He leaned forward and cupped Ashley's chin, stroking his thumb over his cheek and drawing him close for a kiss. A smile twisted along his lips as he mumbled, "You're the only one for me."

Ashley sighed visibly with reassurance and pulled back to look at him, "So what are you going to do then?"

"I want that money Ashley," Laurence started, pausing when Ashley twisted his lips in disdain. He shook his head, "Hold on Ash, let me explain. Think about it; ten million dollars. Do you know what we could do with that money?"

"We?" Ashley said hesitantly, unsure eyes studying Laurence.

"Yes, we. Think about it. We could get out of this apartment and get a nice house. You could quit teaching and finally open that restaurant you always wanted to open."

"That would be nice… but how exactly are you planning on getting the money? I hate to break it to you but I have a penis and as far as I can tell, it seems like they want you to marry a woman," Ashley stated, biting the tip of his thumb. Laurence smacked Ashley's hand from his mouth and shot him a scolding glare before saying, "Well… I was thinking we do a set up. Like on T.V."


"Oh you watch those shows, they're on those stupid soap operas you like. Someone needs something but they need to be married. So a fake marriage. It's simple. We'll find a girl who's in the same kind of situation we're in, she needs to get married and she needs it fast. We'll explain everything, it'll be simple and clean. I'll get married, get the money, she'll get whatever she needs out of it, then me and you can live happily together with a big ten million sitting under our belts."

"Just one problem," Ashley said, "You'll be married. Won't they find it odd you living with a man when you have a wife?"

"So we'll keep the charade up for a year or so, just until the old bat keels over and then we'll have a nice little divorce."

"Won't she want some of the money?"

"We'll set up a settlement before any of this. Give her a small portion for her troubles. I got it all figured out baby; don't worry. It's perfect," Laurence cooed, drawing Ashley into another reassuring kiss. Ashley was worried though. Laurence was openly bisexual and had a promiscuous personality. He wasn't stupid; he knew Laurence hadn't stayed completely faithful for their five years together. It hadn't been strictly one person, more like a string of one-night stands and secretaries to sate a carnal desire.

The problem with this though was it be one person, bound to Laurence in a way he never could. Who was to say Ashley would be needed?

"I'll put out a thing tomorrow, come on. Don't worry your pretty little head. Just think about your own restaurant," Laurence purred into his ear before drawing him down into the bed. Ashley sighed and snuggled into the other man's strong chest, running his hand over the smooth planes. He always did want to open his own little bistro; a classy place that all the stars went to.

He nodded and decided not to give it another though, allowing himself to slip off into a deep sleep. He knew there was no arguing anyways. Once Laurence made up his mind he didn't sway, it didn't matter what Ashley thought about it. So instead of rile up a pointless fight that would only get him hurt he caved in and agreed. After all, it wouldn't be that bad. He'd be there every step of the way to make sure nothing happened.

After a month they had finally found the perfect candidate to play the role of daunting wife. The time had slipped by fast for Ashley but slowly for Laurence. A rainy May had stepped aside and made way for a June that was so hot it seemed suffocating. Even for the rainy city of Seattle it was hot. It felt like God had found out about his and Laurence's plan to fake a marriage and had sent a rain of fire on them. Ashley couldn't walk outside with out his highest proof of sun block.

They had escaped the heat by setting up a meeting at a little café just around the corner from their apartment complex. Ashley sat in his straight back chair squirming, his eyes jumping around the coffee shop with an urgent speed. Each time the door swung open he flicked his gaze to it to see who it was that came in. A gaggle of girls from the high school he taught at, an elderly couple escaping the heat, and a business man that Ashley would have thought was talking to himself if he hadn't seen the blue tooth in his ear.

"Calm down," Laurence hissed, "You look like you're about to rob the place."

Ashley flicked his gaze to his lover briefly before dropping it down to the chilled cappuccino he had ordered. He was sipping from it sporadically, not really caring for it anymore like he had when they first entered. His stomach was torn between being a raging storm and a whirlwind of butterflies. He set the plastic cup down and looked up when he heard the tintinnabulation of the brass bells above the door.

The woman that walked through the door was beautiful in a refined way that reminded Ashley of an old 1930's starlet. She had a classic elegance to her that came from upbringing and care. Her dark chocolate hair was gathered into a casual ponytail at the top of her head, her bangs left to fall in her dusty gray eyes. She had a creamy complexion and a lean lithe form that had to be a size zero, or close to it. She didn't have much in the department of breast but she made up for it with nicely shaped hips and legs and a height that was equal to Ashley's own five-nine.

She was dressed in a straight black pencil skirt, casual black pumps, and a cream blouse that was frilled at the chest. Beneath the bedding of lacing around the neck was a mother-of-pearl necklace strung around her swan-like neck. She stopped at the door with a reassured stance and scanned the café before spotting Ashley and Laurence in the corner. A smile slipped gently along her rose painted lips before she glided over, her hips swaying in time to her steps.

She slid into a seat across from them with a knowing sparkle in her silver eyes and held her hand out, "I'm Audrey Burton, you must be Laurence and Ashley."

Laurence took her hand first, holding it in his own for a few seconds longer the necessary before letting go. Ashley shook it weakly after, quickly dropping his hands from hers.

"Pleasure to meet you, can we get you a drink?" Laurence asked.

"Sure, ice cappuccino."

Laurence turned to Ashley pointedly and the boy studied him quietly. He resisted the urge to sigh and stood, walking over to stand in line. As he waited for his turn to order he threw side glances to his lover and his possible wife. She was perfect form him. Everything about her screamed power and stature and blue blood, exactly what he was. Her fragile body coupled his strong shape nicely and her smart head aided his skill.

"Ice cappuccino please," Ashley ordered finally. He looked back when heard Audrey laugh harmonically to one of Laurence's clever jokes.

"Well they hit it off," Ashley grumbled under his breath. He quickly pay and returned to the table, handing the new woman her drink.

"Thank you," She said, taking a sip. Ashley took a seat back beside Laurence and set his hand on the man's thigh. Laurence looked to him briefly but quickly shifted his gaze back to the beautiful woman across from them.

"You're name is Ashley right? That's such an interesting name, you don't run into guy's named Ashley often," Audrey commented as she set her drink down. Ashley gave a shrug, "My mother was a huge fan of Gone With The Wind."

Audrey nodded and smiled at him, "My mother loved Audrey Hepburn. I have a younger sister named Tiffany."

Laurence took a sip of his drink before directing the conversation back to him, "I'm glad you answered our ad. I'll be blunt with you, I need to marry someone quickly in order to inherit my grandmother's money."

Audrey laughed softly into her cool drink and hummed, "Well you did say you would be blunt."

Ashley eyed Laurence before looking back around the café, listening with half-a-ear as he discussed the marriage proposal. The coffee shop was small, filled with mismatched furnishing and stuffed couches in the back. A fireplace was to the far right in the back around a circle of couches and paintings were set up from local artists. He tried to loose himself in a near by painting filled with random swirls of colors but he couldn't pull himself from the conversation.

Ashley flicked his gaze to Audrey, "If you don't mind me asking, why did you answer the ad? Is there a reason you need a quick proposal?"

"No," Audrey said with a delicate smile, "But I could use the money. So as long as I get a share in the inheritance I'm all yours."

A smile wafted of Laurence's face and Ashley knew that look meant nothing good. Laurence nodded his head, "Excellent. Then it's settled. I'll bring you to meet my family and then we'll have the wedding. Simple."

Was it that simple though? Ashley frowned and looked down to his cup, trying to detach him self from the conversation. He didn't want to listen anymore to the details of his lover's forced infidelity.

To Be Continued...

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