ravished, ravenous

biting into an apple-juicy, red

necessary to sustain life

the red turns quickly into bloof

crisp fruit drops from pale, limp hand

rolling onto beautiful green pesticide grass

breath of existence drops from pained body

which bit into an apple

juice, red cyanide

present from a jealous queen

so the mirror no longer screams at cruel beauty

anything to stop the screams.

sustaining life unsuccessful

arsenic apple settling among groping grass

breathtaking, standing

erect as soldiers



just before theyve fallen

ravished, ravenous

anything to stop the screams

the food has done its job,

the enemy,

the mirror-

reflection humiliated cheeks flaming red

the red turns quickly into blood

snow princess lying among the weeds

innocence, beauty


anything to stop the screams.

mirror, mirror, on the wall

who's the fairest of them all?

answer: never enough.

questions: question remains.