A/N: IMPORTANT INFO HERE. these are letters between two fictional characters in my story To Tempt a Predator. The fifteen day thing will be explained within the letters. but there is a spot in this letter were Nadia mentions the empire. the empire is an imaginary place in an imaginary world with imaginary creatures (such as Nadia who drinks blood as a food source, supernatural strength, and a culture behind her species-they aren't just leech like monsters). the empire is one of the few society's to-almost-fully integrate many different species into a peaceful and cooperative community. Dimitri came from a harsh background (as well as nadia'a father) that is very different from her world. I'll explain more as time goes on. the next letter should be up later tonight. and to all those who have waited for this, SURPRISE! I told you I wouldn't be able to get this out before October, but I found some squeeze time. Enjoy :) OH! and there's a sneak preview of the first chapter of Promised at the bottom. But I KNOW that isn't getting posted in a long while.


This feels rather awkward, writing a letter to you. My handwriting has always appeared so clumsy compared to your own. We never got a chance to talk about the adjustments coming up, I was too cowardly to ask when I should have. What exactly is going to happen to us?

I had this dream; I was sitting in a field of flowers and pastel soap bubbles were floating around me and I could just faintly smell your blood. Then the bubbles began bursting and I could see myself crying each time one popped. Then all I could see was you and you had a small self-made gash on your throat. You were beckoning me to you but the dream ends there. I have a theory about it, but I don't suppose it's really all that important.

I don't think I'm ready for the changes coming, but I don't have a choice do I? I suppose I'll have to find a way to deal with it. Any other time fifteen days would feel like an eternity but it feels like time is flying...

What about my future? Will I go to college? Am I allowed to? I haven't even really picked a route of where I want to go...I guess it's not just my future anymore is it?

There's this one boy in school who's driving me batty! I don't know how many times I have to tell him no before he gets it. Isn't this your job? Aren't you supposed to beat him up or something?

My mother explained this whole fifteen day ritual to me but I'm still not sure I entirely understand the purpose of it. Does everything have to happen THAT night?

And what about you? You've always has this solidity in my life but I realize now that I don't really know you. If we're supposed to have sex aren't I supposed to know you?

And I was wondering, sense you've known my parents longer than I have, do I even know my own mother and father? And if I don't, is that bad? Or does it even matter?

Anyway I wanted to learn more about you, so I was wondering if you'd answere some questions?

1. What was your life like before coming to the Empire?

2. What's going to happen on the night of my fifteenth birthday?

3. How do you feel?

4. Exactly how old are you?

Your Promised,

Nadia Steele-Honore


It was a wonderful dream filled with pleasant smelling flowers, pastel tinted soap bubbles, and coated vaguely with the scent of blood. I recognized the scent in some conscious state and was afraid, but the dream me didn't appear to be bothered by it. A loud knocking ricocheted through the air, and I could see my dream self crying when each time there was a bang an innocent little bubble would burst until they had all popped and no longer hindered my childlike vision, and the only thing I could see was the beautiful man in front of me with a small self-made gash at the base of his throat. He beckoned me with one hand, and I came, anticipating the flavor of the crimson liquid gently flowing from the injury...and his touch. The banging continued however, and I awoke with a start realizing that my mother's angry voice was screeching over the intercom to my soundproof room. She was saying something about school and packing. I tried to roll out of my too cozy bed and ended up crashing to the floor. I fought with the sheets wrapped perilously around my knees and finally managed to fall against the wall next to the intercom, pressing the button, "I'm up!"

I was up, but that didn't mean I was awake and my stumbling and tightly clamped eyes was evidence enough that I was not yet lucid. Essentias needn't sleep often, but apparently I didn't awaken well. Pity, but it would seem I was humble enough to recognize this fault for there was a note from myself telling me what I needed to do this morning. My notes were always mildly amused, as though I were annoyed at myself.

First of all you're late. I was? I glanced at the metallic blue clock above my door, I was late. Very late.

Secondly remember that you must pack a nice dress for the coven meeting tonight, keep in mind that Dimitri dislikes bright colors-you want to get on his good side after all. Well that sucks. I didn't hate my coven, I loved them, I really do. They do however, have a tendency to be overbearing. Especially regarding matters between Dimitri and I.

And also it's Friday, you'll be going with him. A cold shiver racked my spine from neck to tail bone, and I flushed a bit as I remembered my dream. There wasn't anything wrong with Dimitri, but I had the tendency to be absolutely terrified of him, and since I was used to being of control of nearly every situation it was very disconcerting. I didn't understand what I found to be so intimate about that dream, he has given me his blood before on many occasions. There was an emotion there, in that vision, that was oddly erotic.

Don't forget your school papers, he has to help you select classes for the upcoming school year. That was going to be awkward. He usually didn't volunteer to converse, not that he was shy, he simply didn't feel the need to fill the silence. And so I was uncertain how that was going to play out. Would he give me choices, or would he demand to choose all the of classes for me?

And if any of this wasn't enough to dampen your heart, also keep in mind that our 15th birthday is coming up in 16 days. Why did I do that to myself? Must I be reminded of the pending removal of my virginity? It was a law of being a promised that he had the right, beginning at the age of fifteen, to my body. In fact it was necessary on that night to claim my chastity, my entry into womanhood. It was supposed to be one of my gifts to him, something to show that I cared for and appreciated him. It was part of the promise, the entire epitome of it, that in exchange for his protection, loyalty, and really his entire being that his charge would grow to be his mate. I suppose it was a fair trade, we were both surrendering our lives to each other. What frightened me was not only the looming event, but the knowledge that I truly believed I could easily fall into the mindset of being his. I know that it wouldn't take much coaxing for me to accept him as my mate.