Author's Note – Ok, so this little series of tales has been written especially for those people who have read my story Worlds Apart, which is no longer up on FicPress. If you haven't read Worlds Apart, then this series will probably make no sense. By itself, this is just a collection of world origin stories, and tales of various gods. For those who have read Worlds Apart, this is a collection of tales that happened in the distant past, and will give you a better insight into the history of my world. I hope you enjoy, and please review!

The Tale Of Lanthore

And Of The Breaking Of The Great Land

A long time ago, the Great Ocean had but one landmass sitting within its waters, and this Great Land was home to many – if still primitive – people, who did not have a name, and only a basic spoken language. They lived the simple lives of hunters and gatherers, and they were content within their own little world. Their land was large, with many different species inhabiting it. There were great mountains, treacherous swamps, and tranquil grasslands. It was a land of peace, until the Great Mountain exploded.

It happened on a day just like any other, and although the people were unaware, the animals were restless. Birds were flying away in great flocks, and the animals were running as far away from the Great Mountain as they could. It wasn't until the earth started to shake that the people realised that something was very wrong. They too ran, and when the mountain exploded, it did so with such a tremendous force that the land itself was split into five separate pieces. The force of the explosion created Great Tides within the ocean, pulling the shattered pieces away from the central piece, where the remains of the Great Mountain smouldered.

The people of the Great Land had scattered in many different directions, and as such many groups were carried away on the separate pieces of land. Over the course of many centuries, the four pieces of land – that had scattered in four separate directions – drifted across the Great Ocean, and the people forgot that they had once been a part of a larger landmass. On these separate islands, the people faced many hardships, and they soon adapted to suit their conditions.

One forest-covered island carried with it a vast array of animals, and as such the people developed the ability to change their shape into that of any creature. They could run through the deep forests in the bodies of wolves, swim through the water as fish, and fly through the skies as birds. By doing so, they developed a close relationship with, and a deeper understanding of the animals that lived around them.

Another island contained harsh swamps and bad land, and the people were often sick from illness. Death was a common event on that island, and the people – as a way to cope with the loss of their loved ones – learnt of a way to send their own spirits into the land of ghosts. They could travel back and forth from this misty realm, and this allowed them to gain a deep respect for life, and instead of mourning, they celebrated the lives of those that they had lost.

The barren piece of land, where few apart of the humans lived, developed an interesting ability in order to combat their harsh surrounds. For a land that wasn't extremely fertile, the people learnt how to harness the powers of the elements themselves, shaping them as they saw fit. They could burn the dead ground, dig deep for the buried rich soils, flood the barren plains, and breathe air into the environment. They became a people very aware of their world, who carried with them a deep respect for the balance of nature.

The largest of the four pieces was a land that was divided by a mountain range. It also had the most diverse environments, with vast plains, rocky mountains, and swamplands. The people of this land were scattered, and very rarely saw one another, except for family groups. As a means to keep in touch with their fellow people, they developed the ability to talk directly into the mind, sending their thoughts and emotions across the distance of their land. As such, these people became the most aware of their emotions, and displayed a level of compassion that – unknown to them – the other scattered people did not possess.

This development of powers continued on for many generations, with each passing year creating more refined and skilled individuals. Their civilisations grew, with their spoken language flourishing, yet their lives still remained quite basic. They lived off of the land, and tried to not alter their environment, always seeking to leave as little impact as possible. One day, the people realised that other landmasses could be seen from their shores, and this was the beginning of a new era for the scattered people.

It would be many hundreds of years before the Great Tides brought the broken pieces of the Great Land back together again, and when it did, they were not put back in the same places that they were before. Indeed, one piece was still missing; the central piece that had not moved with the rest. The four scattered pieces came together in opposite positions to where they had originally been, and they clashed together with such force that the coastlines splintered and locked together, holding the pieces in place.

This new land now had a large lake at its centre; the remnants of the ocean that had once separated them, with four rivers marking the places were coastlines had once been. The people from the scattered lands were bewildered – they had long since forgotten about the Great Land, and of the upheaval that had occurred thousands of years ago. They did not know that the people on the other islands had once been their kin, and they regarded the strangers with hostility and fear.

It was a young man of four and twenty years named Tristan Lanthore who eventually bridged the gap between the four former islands. Tristan was a handsome Telepath who had a natural curiosity about the new lands that had joined with his, and an insatiable appetite for knowledge. As a skilled Telepath, he could easily sense the unease that was coming from the three other groups of people, and along with a small group of companions, Tristan set out to befriend and reassure the scared people of this new land.

It was this act of curiosity and reassurance that shaped this New Land, and it was Tristan Lanthore who brought the scattered people of the New Land together as one. It was his skills with Telepathy, and his ability to not only sense thoughts and emotions, but to also send out emotions of his own that prevented any sort of battle from erupting between the different clans. He eased people's fears, calmed their hostility, and sort to project a sense of well-being and welcomeness. Indeed, it was Tristan Lanthore who once again united the people as one race.

As the years wore on, Tristan became the centre of this New Land, with many people coming to him to solve their problems, or to help mediate any disputes. So much so was Tristan's influence on the land that the people decided to name themselves after him in his honour. The land became known as Lanthore, and the people called themselves the Lani. Names were also given to the former islands – the island of dense forests and diverse animals was named Westerlyn. The often-sickly swamp region was named Lorgate. The barren northern island became known as Norham. The island that Tristan had been born on was named Erinesse, and this island became the heart of Lanthore. Being the largest of the old islands, Erinesse was later divided into four separate regions – the closest to the vast Lake Of Dreams retained the title of Erinesse, and became the capital city. To the south, on the borders of a great bay was Glassport, where those inclined to sail the seas dwelt. To the east, beyond the steep mountains, was the cliff top city of Bywyn, and to the north, accessible only through one passage in the mountains, was the vast and empty expanse of the Northern Plains.

This is the origin of Lanthore, and of how the people and their powers evolved over time and circumstance. With the mixing of people also came the mixing of powers, and it was not uncommon for some children to be born with tendencies towards more than one particular power. The emotional Telepaths found kindred spirits with the Ghost Walkers, whilst the wild Shifters discovered the indomitable spirits of the Elementals. The land flourished and progressed, and as is always the case, the Lanish people forgot their true origins; forgot that there was still a piece of the Great Land missing, somewhere adrift in the Great Ocean …