The Tale Of Rahvynarta

And Of The God That Shiribra Forgot

The young god was still a child in the eyes of all who knew him, as he had barely reached his first century of life, yet his curiosity knew no bounds. The world around him – and the people that were in it – fascinated him, but none more so than the trio of immortals who were constantly keeping Shiribra on its toes. These three could hold his attention for hours on end, almost like he was trying to permanently etch them into his memory.

Rahvynarta was half Elemental, and as such he was able to exist in a world outside of normal reality. The other immortals referred to it as being behind the veil, but whatever the case, from where he sat on the surface of the vast ocean, Rahvynarta could view the world of Shiribra as a reflection on the water. He was the god of the Sea, and the grandson of the Water Elemental; wherever there was water, he could cast his sight.

The world that he spent most of his time in was no different to Shiribra itself. In fact, it looked exactly the same. The only real difference was that it was a world where the Elementals ruled, and as such everything that could be seen could be broken down and manipulated by those who had made it. Rahvynarta had spent most of his life behind the veil, and yet he was forever drawn to the world that his was like a shadow of.

"Still watching them, are you?" the melodious voice of his grandmother Aynnrah said as she appeared from within the water, taking a seat next to the boy.

"I can't help it," Rahvynarta said with a sigh. "Even though she doesn't know me, I want to know her," he added with his ocean coloured eyes fixed on the figure of the Storm Maiden.

Aynnrah followed his gaze, resting a hand on his shoulder. "I know, Rahvyn. This isn't easy for you," she said, but the boy was only half paying attention. Something was happening between the trio: they were fighting.

Vynartari had started the scuffle with Naiajaga, and when Adrynnynn had finally stepped in it had only made things worse. Rahvynarta hadn't been paying attention to the verbal exchange, but now he was listening to the accusations that were being thrown with eager interest.

"He's just annoyed that you've chosen to be with me instead of him," Naiajaga said as he climbed back onto his feet, rubbing his jaw where Vynartari had hit him.

"I never agreed to any such thing," Adrynnynn said in confusion, and the Night Hunter looked shocked by her words.

"But … you kissed me. And not just once, either," the older of the two male gods pointed out, and Adrynnynn shrugged.

"So? That doesn't mean anything. We had fun, didn't we? That's all it was," she said, and Rahvynarta noticed the smug look that was now on the face of Vynartari.

"I knew that you couldn't fall for a Dark god," he said, earning himself a hate-filled glared from Naiajaga.

"That's doesn't mean to say that I've fallen for you either, Vyn," the Storm Maiden countered playfully. "You boys are just fun to stir up, but I think you are taking it a bit far, thinking that I've chosen to be with one of you. I assure you that that's not the case," she added with a laugh, and Vynartari was furious again.

"Do you think this is funny? You're toying with our emotions! We are supposed to be friends!"

"We are friends," Adrynnynn said in confusion, and it was clear to Rahvynarta that she didn't understand why her two friends were so angry with her. "We have fun together, don't we Vyn?"

"Fun? Is that all I am to you? Just someone that you can mess around with?" the Champion god asked in a hiss, and Adrynnynn was quiet for a moment.

"The way you've been acting lately, I thought that we were more than just friends," Naiajaga said, earning another glare from Vynartari.

"And you knew how I felt about her, yet you chased her anyway! Some friend you turned out to be."

"Well at least I don't hide my feelings," Naiajaga countered as Adrynnynn once more stepped between them.

"And we're not your play things!" they both yelled at her in perfect unison, before glaring at one another and stalking away in opposite directions, leaving Adrynnynn alone in a corner of Ophieceis.

"Well, I can't say that I didn't see that coming," Aynnrah said with a sigh, and Rahvynarta nodded in agreement. Things between the three immortals had gradually been getting worse, with Adrynnynn's playful teasing finally pushing perhaps her only two friends away.

"She just doesn't get it, does she?" he asked of his grandmother, who sadly shook her head.

"She did the same thing to Imori as she has been doing to those two boys; letting them in, and then pushing them away again," she explained with a frown. "It can not end well."

"I wish that I could help her," the young god said with a sigh of frustration, yet he knew that there was nothing that he could do. Adrynnynn was beyond his reach.

"The only one who can help her is herself, Rahvyn. There is nothing that you can do," Aynnrah said, praying that her daughter would come to her senses before something truly terrible happened.

Yet that wasn't the case. A permanent rift had been driven between Naiajaga and Vynartari, with both boys reluctant to speak with Adrynnynn, no matter how hard she tried. She didn't understand what the problem was; didn't understand what she had done wrong, and in her misery she found herself seeking the company of the only other immortal who could make her feel wanted and needed – Imori.

All it took was one kiss. One simple kiss, and all that Iliaye had done began to crumble in Imori's mind. In that one moment he knew that his memories had been tampered with, and only his brother had the power to do that. What's more, he was certain that Adrynnynn had something to do with it, as it was she who had made him aware of the deception. Adrynnynn, of course, had claimed ignorance, yet Imori didn't believe her.

"I'll kill you if you don't tell me!" the Dark god roared in anger, leaving Adrynnynn stunned by the honest fury that was in his words.

"No!" Rahvynarta yelled, crossing the veil in a heartbeat and standing on the edge of the ocean, close enough to his parents that he could see the fear that was in Adrynnynn's eyes. Summoning the water that was around him, he threw it at Imori, creating a barrier between him and Adrynnynn.

"What?" Adrynnynn breathed in wonder, turning to inspect the immortal that had come to her aid. "Are you that young Sea god that I've heard mentioned? My younger brother?" she asked in curiosity, taking a step towards Rahvynarta and completely forgetting about Imori.

"Run, Adrynnynn!" the boy yelled, throwing more water in Imori's way, and casting a glance at the furious god, the Storm Maiden gave a nod before flying up the beach in a tornado of wind, disappearing in moments.

With Adrynnynn gone, Imori turned his attention onto the boy who had allowed her to escape, and as the water fell away Imori was surprised by what he saw. He was indeed a boy; his power still young and largely unfocused. He looked like a gangly teenager who still had a lot of growing to do, and his black hair flowed in waves around his face. His eyes mirrored the colour of the water, and his features seemed vaguely familiar to the Dark god.

"I have no qualms with you boy, but if you get in my way again things will end differently," Imori hissed, strangely unnerved by the young immortal.

"Leave her alone," Rahvynarta said, and Imori growled.

"She and my brother have conspired against me, and they must pay!" he yelled, before turning and heading towards Ophieceis with more speed than Rahvynarta could ever hope to match.

"Wait!" he yelled, making to follow after him, and yet a hand on his shoulder halted his movement. Looking around, he met with the stern amber eyes of Iliaye, and gulped.

"You will not get involved in this."


"I said you will not get involved," Iliaye snapped with uncharacteristic anger. "Now go home," he added, stalking past the boy and disappearing in pursuit of his brother, or perhaps the Storm Maiden. Rahvynarta found out for sure when he arrived back in the world of the Elementals, and summoned a vision of Shiribra in the surface of the ocean.

Imori was on a rampage, and Ophieceis was in flames. People were fleeing, yet they had nowhere to go. Vynartari was trying to help all of those that he could, and yet something was different about him.

"Is he mortal?" Rahvynarta mused, before the voice of Aynnrah confirmed his thoughts.

"It is because of Vynartari and Naiajaga that Adrynnynn went to Imori. They could not move past their petty squabble in order to help their friend, and so this is their punishment," she said, before sighing. "Adrynnynn's too, I'm afraid."

"What?" Rahvynarta whispered in disbelief, searching out an image of his foolish mother. He found her with Naiajaga near the harbour, and Vynartari was racing towards them with relief on his face. He had a ship ready – the last functional ship in all of Shiribra – and he wanted his two former friends to come with him, yet they refused.

"You want me to spend Darkness knows how long stuck on a boat with you? I don't think so. I'd rather take my chances here," Naiajaga said with folded arms, and although Vynartari pleaded, the stubborn Night Hunter wouldn't change his mind.

"Adrynnynn, come on, you don't want to die here, do you?" the golden haired god tried, turning his hazel eyes onto the young woman, who's own mortal eyes were now an icy blue colour.

"I don't want to die, but I can't leave either, Vyn," the Storm Maiden said, and her words crushed Vynartari's heart.

"Adrynnynn, please!" he called out as she and Naiajaga turned and walked away. "Drynn! Naia! Please, come back!" he yelled, and yet the pair were soon lost in the smoke of the burning city, leaving Vynartari alone by the harbour.

"I have to help them. They're going to die if they stay in the city!" Rahvynarta cried, rising to his feet and making to leave. Yet Aynnrah reached out a hand and gripped the back of his shirt, halting his movements.

"Rahvyn, there's nothing that you can do," she said, yet the boy twisted out of her grip and vanished, determined to save his now mortal mother from the chaos that she had helped to cause.

The streets of Ophieceis were like a smoky labyrinth as Rahvynarta searched desperately for Adrynnynn and Naiajaga. Few people were left, as many had already perished, with those who still lived sailing away from the island with Vynartari. Being mortal, the ex-gods couldn't have gotten far.

"Boy! You should leave here. This is no place for you," the eerie voice of Shayiko called out, before she appeared through the smoke with her sword in hand. Rahvynarta instinctively took a step back from Lady Death, before catching himself and standing his ground.

"I'm looking for Adrynnynn and Naiajaga. Have you seen them?" he asked, and he could hear Shayiko growl under her breath at the mention of their names.

"I wouldn't concern yourself with those two," she replied, before her pale face seemed to soften somewhat. "Listen, the immortals are gathering in the mountains. Vyntallah has created a refuge to use until Imori calms down. You should head that way instead of looking for a pair of foolish gods."

"That's just it; they're not gods anymore," Rahvynarta said with a shake of his head. "I have to find them!" he yelled over his shoulder as he took off running once more, leaving Shayiko alone with the dead.

The further he went the thicker the smoke became, and even he was finding it hard to breathe; a mortal would have chocked to death before they had even made it as far.

'They couldn't have come this way,' he reasoned, and yet still he lingered in the smoke filled ruins. There was something there, under the rubble of a burned-out home. Something wispy and brown, that looked oddly like hair.

"No," Rahvynarta whispered as she raced over to the collapsed building. There wasn't much rubble covering what he had seen, and pushing a few blackened timbers aside he soon knew that the brown strands of hair belonged to Adrynnynn. Her eyes were shut, and her arms were wrapped around the black haired figure of Naiajaga. Both of them were dead; suffocated long before the rubble had fallen in on them.

"No!" Rahvynarta screamed as hot tears sprang from his eyes. He reached for the cold form of his mother, yet before his fingers could touch her face a hand grabbed his from behind, spinning him away from the two bodies.

"Don't touch them," Shayiko hissed, before two sweeping motions of her sword past through Adrynnynn and Naiajaga. Rahvynarta knew what Lady Death had just done, and he hated her for it. "You're lucky that I followed you, otherwise their souls never would have been freed."

"I hate you! They're not supposed to die!" he yelled, staggering away from the goddess, and his back slammed into someone else who had appeared on the scene.

"Rahvyn, calm yourself," the soothing voice of Iliaye said as a strong pair of arms closed around the boy.

"Calm myself? She's dead!" he yelled, struggled to free himself. Shayiko watched with interest, yet didn't say anything. It was common knowledge that Adrynnynn had a younger brother, yet this was the first time that she had actually met the boy. What a pity that it had to be under such horrible circumstances, as he didn't seem to be nearly as horrible to be around as his sister.

"Yes, but she will be reborn. All three of them will, such is the nature of their souls," Iliaye explained, and Rahvynarta seemed to settle down with his words.

"What do you mean?" he asked, eyes still focused on the still figures that were lying in the rubble.

"They're souls are immortal, so they will not move on like mortal souls do. They will be back, as they still have much to learn, but I am afraid that they will not be the people that they once were," Iliaye explained. "They could be reborn anywhere, and at any time in the future. They will be new people made from old souls, and they will lead completely different lives to the ones that they have led here."

"So will they still know who they are?" the boy asked, and Iliaye faltered for a moment.

"It is possible, but I should hope not. There is hidden knowledge here that could cause them terrible grief if it should become known. Imori still seeks the truth, and if he finds them in the future then the events of this night may very well repeat themselves," he said, finally releasing the young god.

"Nothing stays hidden forever," Rahvynarta whispered, and as he stood staring at the body of the mother who never knew him, he resolved that one day she would know him; one day he wouldn't have to hide his identity anymore.

One day the truth that had so carefully been hidden away since the night of his birth would finally be uncovered, and Rahvynarta was going to be there when that day arrived. He would make sure of it.

Author's Note – And so ends this little series of tales. For those who have read Worlds Apart, you probably noticed that this tale has brought the story full circle, more or less. We now know what happened to Drynn and Naia after Vynarta left, and how/why Rahvyn became involved in future events. This is the back story that never really got told properly in Worlds, so I hope you liked it!