Chapter 1 The Beeping Will Stop


When you wake up in the morning to that nose, it's ever your alarm going off or your phone right. Well not for me that's the life support machine I'm on, you see I have anorexia yes that's right I have an eating disorder and it took me until I was almost dead to admit it. Now I think about it, I don't know how I got here. I really mean I don't know how I got to the hospital, but I'm here now so here goes.

I am getting better they are taking me off the life support machine today, which I am so happy about and I can start having visitors. My friend Lexy is coming to see me. She has been so sweet, she has been sending me e-mails and cards and stuff. I have only told 6 of my friends were I am the others think I'm on holiday .Haha fools.

Any way I know I should tell you how I got to this. To a girl with a label, a girl with a problem, a girl with secret they couldn't tell any one. But I'm not I am going to tell you about my recovery, from this evil thing people call anorexia.

I'm on a mixed word yes guys and girl and I look like a fool in this night gown thingy. I have a group therapy session soon, apparently there is a mix of people eating disorders, depression, OCD and others. I have been told I am the only girl on the ward with an eating disorder, but there are two guys.

Just a little note. I have Dyslexia so some times I spell things wrong and my grammar is all over the shop, so just tell me.

Love xxx