And they all lived happily ever after

I'm stood staring in to the mirror blankly. I feel his arms rap around my waist. His reflection appears. His head resting on my shoulder. A smile on his face and a cheeky glimmer in his eyes. In Diego's eyes. It's been 3 months since the day Seb decided he didn't want me. And you know what? I'm ok with it. I have this guy. This amazing guy and all he wants to do is make me smile. In a way I have got my happily ever after. I have found my self a guy that loves me but I have also got a new best friend. My self and Seb are getting on grate and him and Rome have become best mates through it all.

There is a light knock at the door and Seb some strolling in. Diego lets go and wonders off in to the bath room. "You look hot." I smile at Seb's words. "Thank you." Seb stands next to me and slides his hand in to mine. I squeeze his hand and then let go. "So are you ready for this?" The smile disappears from his face. I turn to face him and do his tie up. "I don't think I will ever be ready to marry a girl I will never love." I pat his tie and sigh. "So don't marry her. It's pretty simple." Seb's eyes dig in to mine and then flicker to the floor. "You're the only girl I would like to walk down the isle with." I let out another sigh as I take his hands. "You know that can't happen. I'm just happy you delayed the wedding a little." I smile sadly and let go off Seb's hands.

Diego comes walking out of the bathroom grinning. "You better not be trying to talk my girl in to marrying you instead of Susie."


Seb has just kissed his bride. He doesn't look happy and as he kissed her I felt my heart sink. But my heart rose again when Diego kissed me lightly on the cheek. There is something about his touch.

I'm walking out of the church hand in hand with Diego. I'm wearing a light pink strapless chiffon baby doll dress with silver high heels. In a way I feel like I should be wearing black because I am loosing Seb to another girl. But really he's not mine to loose. "You ok sweetie?" Diego asks slipping his hand on to my back. "I'm grate. Is it me or did Susie look pregnant?" Diego stops walking and looks at me for a moment. "Well if she is it isn't Seb's." I nod and start walking. Diego hurries a couple of steps and catches up with me. "Oh by the way periods equal me being able to have kids some day." Diego grabs me around the waist, picks me up and spins me around. Lowering me he kisses me on the cheek and then lowers him self on to one knee. "Sabrina I wasn't planning on doing this for a couple of months. I know we haven't been together for long at all but would you marry me?" My jaw drops as he opens a light blue box. A solitaire diamond on a silver band is slid on to my finger as I nod and smile speechless.

Diego stands up and kisses me until I have to pull away for air. As we walk towards the doors of the church I see Rome smiling at us. "You asked her then!" Diego nods and Rome comes skipping down the isle towards us. He picks me up and then sets me on the floor punching the air he turns to Diego and says. "You're a lucky guy Diego don't fuck this up." After Diego and Rome do one of those manly hugs and we set off out side to see the bride and groom go.

Too see Sed and Susie go.

I wonder if there going to live happily ever after. I hope Diego and I will.

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