AN: The format was inspired by The Book Thief, an amazing read by the way we studied the presentation of an ominous voice in various literature mainly The Book Thief- did I mention it was utterly amazing?- and I wanted to try it out. Btw, I need a beta. I have one I think - I need to respond- for Appear but this is a whole different kind of story. ENJOY.

the trick is to keep lying; but how long can that last?

how long until someone figures out,

that the lies that skitter from your tongue are just thinly veiled facts?

I see a picture how it is.

Or I see it how it is presented.

But there is so much more that meets the eye, things that I can't really see because my spectrum doesn't meet that. I wasn't created to record feelings or emotions. I wasn't created to differentiate a lie from the truth that may one be a layer deep. I was manufactured for that moment of beauty. I was created to freeze time, created to make freestanding sculpture into a 2D moment, created to be just an object- an object that sees things. Everything.

I see a picture how it is, or how it is presented. I want to learn to see thing that don't meet the eye… or lens. I have no depth save for my f/stop.


"In optics, the f-number (sometimes called focal ratio, f-ratio, or relative aperture) of an optical system expresses the diameter of the entrance pupil in terms of the focal length of the lens." BLAH BLAH BLAH.

But then I saw something, I saw something that wasn't on the surface. I saw something so much more detailed then what was floating along the sea. It was there but unseen.

Unseen by the stubborn and the cruel that seems to follow her wherever she went.

But I saw.

I saw what they had failed to see.

I saw a broken girl.


I'm a camera, stupid.

Well… not just a camera I'm film. I'm everywhere.

The first time I saw her she was when she was born. The first time I saw her was when her mother died.

It was a sad day.

Sadness as a midnight dreary. Her mother, weak; her father, weary. But there was no forgotten lore nor was there a raven taping at the one bedroom apartment that had collapsed minutes after the contractions started.

The father started recording as his wife laughed in delight as her body told her she was ready. He didn't press stop when he dropped me in haste to catch his wife. It was an earthquake that raked the cheapest apartment building that passed one out of four inspections.

' ' FOR THE extremely STUPID ' '

An earthquake + cheap ass building + a pregnant lady + panicking husband + no medical personnel + all the other odds that should have killed the child along with the mother equals a beautiful, screaming, red-faced 7.8 lbs baby girl.

That morning he had walked in with his swollen wife but that afternoon he, with the help of the fire department, walked out with only his daughter.

But away from such depressing thoughts and back to why I continued to follow the girl dubbed, Scarlett Anna Jucily after her mother.


1, Have the ability to be everywhere – cough- I think I have that down – cough-

2, Ummm well I only really got to that. It really covers everything no?

It started off as a love story. Just that. No teenage angst or tears or drama. But then that all changed… it all changed when the shit hit the fan. It went from Disney channel to Bonnie and Clyde.


Insert: Bonnie and Clyde

Result: Romeo and Juliet in a getaway car

Hehe. What? I thought it was funny.

They were closer to Bonnie and Clyde than Romeo and Juliet. They didn't kill their relationship themselves, they didn't commit suicide. It was them against the world. What they had was murdered. It was them against the rules, against the odds. But as we've already covered Scar can get through those odds unscarred but not this time. Fifty bullets pelted through the criminal couple while money and greed devoured Scarlett Jucily and Easton Sivercoan.

They were best friends then boyfriend/girlfriend then as all teenagers felt the need to do, they had sex. But unlike most teenagers sex didn't rule them; it caused none of the problems that they suffered. That was left to her father and his mother.

But something happened.

Something big.

Really big.

It was big enough to have Scarlett and her father packing to Arizona, leaving her life and her love behind.

But I have no idea what it was.

' ' MY DILEMMA ' '

Though I see more things than anyone I've encounter I can't see everything.

I don't have that ability.

I can see anything that has been recorded. Doesn't matter where from, a phone, a podcast, a webcam.

Let me tell you I get a steady stream of porn.

I get most of my tales from voices of other people.

Back to the story, something happened but it wasn't recorded and many didn't know and no one would talk about it. What ever happened broke apart what seemed like the strongest couple in Harlesm, they were the cliché of rich boy and poor girl.

But that was over.

There was no happily ever after.

But then Scar took Advance Video, and everything was revealed.

This is the aftermath of love story gone haywire. This is when the heroine comes back to all those she supposedly betrayed.

Currently we are in the second semester of school but if I start there you'll never understand. So let's turn back the clocks and start from her first day back.


Zero period: Make it to period one

Period one: Make it to period two

Period two: Make it to period three

Period four: Lunch… oh shit.

And so on

Schedule taken from a video message from Scar to a friend in Arizona.

It was her first day back to her old school. She had been gone for over a year and now she was back home. Back to the familiar. I watched from the security cameras that surrounded St. John Claeus.

I watched as she arrived in the front yard, scared to death but with a mask to cover it.

I was learning not to read body language as much as hidden emotion.

She was back.

She was back and it was killing her.

It was tearing her up to face the façade that was St. John Claeus. She always wondered why the school was named after a saint- whom she highly doubted existed- when the school was anything but holy, anything but saintly, it was the exact opposite. The alter ego of God himself. The school was a living hell; it contained whores who were the demons, manipulative assholes who were Satan's right hand men. Then the main star himself, Lucifer reborn was Easton Sivercoan, the golden boy of St. John Claeus.


Scarlett's ex boyfriend and ex best friend.

Her former reason for living, who now currently hated her; hated her very existence actually.

Son of legendary political scandal family Silvercoan. The scandal will be divulged later. It took well into Scar's second semester of Advance Video for me to figure out what such scandal was.

If he had a choice he would have had her stay hidden, would have had her stay away from him. Away from the public eyes, so the rumors would stop about he was hoodwinked, deceived, conned, tricked, and fooled. How the cliché of rich boy finds unexpected love with the scholarship charity case was just that, a cliché. An overwritten line that should stay just that, a words on paper, written only by virgin lips of A cup nerds who couldn't find love in reality but in the ink of their pen.

Shaking her head, Scarlett Juicily let the pessimistic thoughts fall. Sure she had gotten bitter about anything remotely romantic now but anyone could have seen that coming. Easton wasn't her first love, he wasn't her first kiss, wasn't her first make out session, nor was he her first heartbreak. But he was her first hero, the only one who believed in her; and that was more than she could have asked for. She loved him, she may have never said it but they both knew it and that was enough, at least that what Scar thought.

Apparently she was incorrect. Because here she was standing in front of her old school with her hair pulled back into a messy ponytail tucked under a dark red trucker hat. She had opted for a look that would have her fade into the background. She even considered hiding in the bushes. She highly doubted it would work seeing how she was the fallen Queen of this nightmare.


A Volcom backpack which she remembered faintly that Easton hated.

A tight, slightly V cut, long sleeved, Sinful thermal.

A pair of skinny jeans and red converses

It was her style before she got involved with Easton, she had upgrade her wardrobe to wear more appropriate clothing to be seen with him. He didn't suggest that, of course he was too nice for such passive- aggressive moves, so that left his mother.

She remembered that conversation perfectly; it was one of his family's mandatory dinners and it was the first time she was going to meet his parents. She had wore a deep red loose dress that had chain as straps with her long black hair cascading down her back, parted on the left with her hair sweeping down like side bangs over her right eye.

His mother had called her witch. She had taken her upstairs and given her new look with an up do her hair in curls.

Scar hated the curls, she hated the pinstriped dress that stuck to her like spandex; she hated the heels that she fell twice going down the stair. But Easton had loved them, he had loved them so she wore them for him. She changed her look so that they would match so they would fit.

So that they could be together

So that she would look like she deserved him and his family. But now he hated her but she was free to dress as she pleased.

So with people bustling from behind her, shouldering her out of the way, she walked to the doors of hell.

' ' P.S. ' '

She tends to be melodramatic and over exaggerate some things.

She didn't make it far before she heard the whispers, the taunts that she was going to have to get use to if she was going to survive her senior year- she was supposed to be out of school by now actually. She was going to graduate school early, leave her junior year but then… it happened and she missed 3 terms of her last year. Now she was going to graduate with her class. The class of '09. The class that was currently staring her down… well to her back at least.

"Oh my gawd, that's her? But she not that pretty… and I thought you said that she was utterly gorgeous."

Was it The Hills or The OC that sculpted these whores? Scar shook her head, apparently the move back home had made her judgmental also- she had never seen those shows in her life. But really… who said 'gawd' like that anyway? If she was God, and heard anyone morph her name like that –especially whores clad in two swatches of 'clothes'- she'd bitchslap them.

' ' P.P.S. ' '

She also tends to have an anger management problem. But don't worry about it she is totally non confrontational and will keep everything bottled up… so just… watch it.

"Woah, she's hot, man. She can cheat on me anytime, as long as I get a taste of that."

Scar pulled her hat farther down over her face, she knew the guys huddled over in the corner near the tree were her old crew, well Easton crew but she considered them friends. Apparently they still introduced her to the newbies of the soccer team. She heard "oomph" as the speaker got socked in the gut. Scar smiled for the first time in days.

"Shit, shit, shit. She's here. Did anyone tell East? Go Forester, get him now."

Shit, shit, shit. Easton was going to be here. Scar had stopped in the crowd as the whispers had start. There were so many of them now.

"She's hot."

"Is she still on that scholarship?"

"WOW, she's lovely, the way Easton used to talk about her you'd think that she had warts and bad hair."

"Why the fuck is she back here? You'd think East's mom would have had her expelled after what she did to him."

"She made us lose Nationals. East missed so much of school he couldn't play."

Jesus, just stop. Scar closed her eyes when in reality she wanted to close her ears from the accusation and the lies.

The first bell rang but no one went in. Even a year ago when Scar attended SJC no one entered until East arrived and walked in. it wasn't because of his popularity, it wasn't because he was a part of the Elite. It was just tradition and nobody, not even the radicals didn't rebel against it.


In the 1880's, the school president was the first on the foyer's field to walk in the school. So in the 2000's, the school president was the first on the foyer's field to walk in the school. It was tradition, and that was SJC motto. It was just tradition and nobody, not even the radicals rebelled against it. He was school president, though it was a fixed election, he was the top guy.

"Hey, hey You. The one with the hat." For a minute Scar thought it was another whisper, but this one was directed to her. She turned her head and looked over her shoulder at the speaker. Her hair was falling from her ponytail the long wisps framing her face. She looked at him and took in his appearance.

He was tall, maybe 6' 2" with shaved head. His face was clean shaved revealing a strong jaw and high cheekbones which framed pure brown eyes with no flicks or streak of any other colours. His nose was crooked as if it had been broken in two places and his uniform was wrinkled. The school top was unbuttoned to expose a dark red shirt that contrasted with his very dark skin.

"Wow, nice face. No really, I heard you were hot, but seriously… nice face." Scar turned and started walking to the doors. Still no one entered.

"Hey… that's rude. I was talking here."

"And that was why I was walking away." Where was the golden boy? She had to get to the main office to get her uniform. She had the old one but that was way too big now, she had lost a considerable amount of weight in her time… away.

"I wasn't trying to hit on you."

She turned back to him, her head looking over her shoulder.

"Wow, well maybe I was going to but you gave that scary look. Dammit, stop looking over your shoulder like that. I'm getting a boner."

Scar choked and tried to stop a laugh. She failed and had to double over. Her laughter pealed through the crowd and had people stopping the chatter.

Easton was here.

AN: This was fairly long, so it was cut into two parts. You meet Tally- my favorite, Scar- so complex, and you will soon meet Easton- heartbroken. It gets so much better I promise. I think the camera will only speak in the first and last chapter if the responses for this hate the format. Like it, love it or hate it?